Burnside Cricket – Newsletter 5, 2014/15 Season

Hello everyone

Not the usual newsletter this week, due to circumstances beyond our control. However, here are the top six happenings and statistics from last week:


1. Our Premiers and 2As have the early lead in their two days competitions – see here and here

2. The Premiers had an exciting two-day win over East-Shirley. Blake Coburn (4/54) took the last wicket with only seven balls left. The team plays Old Boys-Collegians at home this week

3. Jordan Buchanan is the 2A grade MVP leader,  followed closely by Phil McCormack

4. David Sewell tops the Al Brown leaderboard after 4 weeks

5. Seven players made the Honours Board last week, including the first ever player from the Dubai Diamond Traders, Nick Tinning for both his batting and bowling

6. The Presidents Foxes’ Hamish Kember is the Grade MVP leader, with Rhys Barron third

Have a great cricketing weekend


Burnside Cricket

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