Burnside Cricket – Newsletter 6, 2014/15 Season

Hello everyone

A good response to our “Top Six” Happenings and Results last week, so here we are again:


1. Thanks very much to everyone involved in our fundraiser for Kim and Dean Harrison last Saturday night. You raised $600 – great effort!;

2. We’ve had a few questions about Junior Cricket on Show Weekend. There is no Friday night cricket next weekend, but Saturday cricket is on as usual;

3. Lots of wins and strong performances last weekend.

  • In the senior afternoon grades, all our teams had wins – the Presidents Foxes, the 3B Mariners, the 3B Cannons, the 3B Brawlers, and the T20 Dubai Diamond Traders.
  • In the morning grade two-day matches, the 2Bs are struggling against Merivale-Papanui, but the Premiers and the 2As are in strong positions. The Premiers are looking to wrap things up quickly against OBC this morning. OBC are 2 runs ahead in their second innings, with only 3 wickets left. Scott Inglis has six wickets in the match so far. The 2As are also playing OBC and have the opposition 144/7 in reply to their 246.
  • The Junior Premiers came up just short against Marist Harewood, but BWU3 had a win over Sydenham and BWU5 beat OBC.

4.  One Junior Player, and four Senior Players from the Premiers, 2As, Presidents Foxes and the Brawlers made the Honours Board last week. See who they are here.

5. A few changes to the Al Brown leaderboard this week. Will Otte from the Cannons takes over the running, and a few more new names are in the top ten. Check it out here.

6. Did you know that……a famous NZ sportsman had his birthday this week? He was the right in the middle of two of our top sporting moments in completely different sports. Who is he? See him in action here and here

Have a great cricketing weekend


Burnside Cricket

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