Newsletter May 2016

Winter has arrived already and the with colder weather really arriving in the last couple of weeks, in fact this May has been so warm that Regan our groundsman has even had to do some watering on the blocks to help with the autumn renovation work. He even cut the grass growth off the blocks again, which at least should make the task easier come spring.

What’s been happening behind the scenes? We recieved some great feedback from our online survey and while it was just shy of 50 respondents – there was a good deal of well thought out suggestions as well as some confirmation on the areas at the club where we need to focus our energy & as well as some re-assurance we are doing things right. Some of the activities this winter and in no particular order;

Peter Burke and Dan Vedder are working on both fundraising and sponsorship for both cricket and club renovation activities

We are working on quoting and arranging funding for the replacement the artificial grass practice wickets as well as some repairs to the surrounding nets of these practice wickets.

We have working on some options and costs for replacement of deck covering and some other work to the deck.

We received some strong feedback that while our facilities are ‘average’ for a cricket club, and they could certainly do we with some improvements!

Thanks for the feedback on the communication and updates that appreciate. It will be great to share some of the history of the club online which will continue to be a work in progress. There was lot of feedback that there should be more social activities that are shared across teams the club – please share any ideas that you get with us!

How could you help?

If you are a tradie and might be able to assist in some way with the deck or any work to the club house – please register your interest by contacting

Be ready for action – we expect to be having some very important working bees coming up in the mont or so and your help will be invaluable.

Send in an idea and please keep the feedback and comments coming in!

Telegram from the UK

As much as we love following the successes of Tom Latham on tour, we were wrapt to get this update from premier mens player Angus Harman

“Dear Shane, I am living in Carlisle a town about the size of Christchurch. Im staying with a player and his mum who spoils me a lot. The club is similar to the snake pit with a strong wind. The thing I miss the most is the sun, as its been pretty cold but its on the improve, slowly. My new favourite food is mars bar milk. Havent quite found love yet but trust me ive been trying real bwc style. If bussy was living here he would impliment a flag system and install a fish and chips store on the corner of the main street called cutts road as it hasnt got one . Ive spent a lot of money tasting english beers but is a necessity to fit in…. I nunped on the Leicester city bamdwagon and cheered them on at Old trafford”

Clearly this was sent in prior Leicester city winning the EFL so one can only imagine how much fun he had! Gus seems to have cemented a place at number 3 and a link to his clubs facebook page is Wigton Cricket Club

How about becoming an umpire?



The Canterbury Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association is always keen to here from anyone who is interested in becoming an umpire. David Brandon the President is very keen to hear from you at the contact details above  – with the right training there is some real potential to improve and progress. Please follow this link for an introduction to umpiring

Club Coach

We are very hopeful of securing a new coach in the very near future – hopefully and announcement will be made by the next newsletter!

Anzac Day 2016

We were very priviledged to have Geoff Fosbender accompany premier mens captain Sam Noster to lay the wreath at the dawn service in Cranmer Square. You can find out more information about our Roll of Honour on our website here

How do you make a cricket ball?

Here is a link to a playlist on youtube that shows how a ball is made and the dedication of the crafsmen who make it happen.

How to make a cricket ball






  1. I know of a local suitably qualified level 3 coach who may be available.

    In Dec, I responded immediately to an email re f/r.

    Shane acknowledged it, despite hearing nothing since I have compiled a number of f/r ideas. I even borrowed 30 A/Rs from Derek Cockburn in pursuit of the matter.

    I await any response with interest. Cheers ARA

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