2016/2017 Season – Newsletter #18

Welcome to the latest BWCUCC newsletter. First of all, apologies to all for now newsletter last week. The events of the week took everyone’s attention away, and Thursday came and went. I hope that this newsletter finds all club members, and their families and homes safe from the Port Hills fires.

In this edition:

  • Senior & Junior cricket round-up
  • Valley of Peace survives the Port Hills fires
  • Draws for the weekend
  • Al Brown MVP update
  • Senior Player Profile:Edward Wright

Senior & Junior cricket round-up

There wasn’t a lot of cricket last weekend with steady drizzle setting in on Friday  that lasted through most of Saturday. Although the emergency services workers will have welcomed the rain, it was a shame to miss out on yet another Saturday, in what has become (for most teams) a very stop-start season. The weather forecast is looking much better this weekend.

Valley of Peace survives the fire

Many players at the club will have played at some time or another at the magnificent Valley of Peace cricket club on Hoon Hay Valley road. The VOP club are delighted to advise that the club made it through the fires virtually unscathed, after things were looking very desperate after the first 24-48 hours of the fires. A number of homes on Hoon Hay Valley Road were destroyed in the blaze, but some how the valley itself stayed virtually untouched. Check out the image below for the extent of the surrounding damage, and just how lucky the Valley of Peace ground was to survive the fire.

Hoon Hay Valley showing the extent of the fire boundary, and the relative location of the Valley of Peac cricket club. Photo credit Chris Lynch 2017.

Draws for this weekend:

The full draw for all Burnside junior and senior teams for this weekend is also available on CricHQ. Check it out!

Al Brown MVP Update

A strong showing from Matt Farrant for the Premier Men in their last match has seen him cement his lead at the top of the table. Farrant blasted through the 100-point barrier to jump to a 25 point lead on the chasing pack…

Player Grade Games Bat Bowl Field Total
1 Matt Farrant Premiers 16 18.32 87.29 8.6 114.18
2 JJ Naude Premiers 16 52.55 30.19 7.04 89.78
3 Chris (El Capitan) Peters Cannons 9 21.52 49.12 9.19 79.83
4 Scott Inglis Premiers 16 5.84 61.82 11.05 78.73
5 Cam Hawkins Premiers 16 67.08 0.0 8.26 75.35
6 Jeff Roy Presidents 9 18.74 35.88 7.39 62.02
7 V. Brahmbhatt T20 10 27.85 21.81 9.52 59.19
8 Kyle Knowles T20 9 -0.9 54.73 4.26 58.08
9 Henk Huyser T20 9 15.12 28.8 9.6 53.52
10 David O’Brien T20 6 17.45 26.66 8.9 53.01

View this season’s complete Al Brown points table here. If you are not in list, make sure you captain (or the person designated by your captain) is filling a full scorecard on CricHQ each weekend. No scorecard = No points = No questions. If you are not sure please ask Shane Young, Arun, or Gareth).

Senior Player Profile: Edward Wright

Name: Edward Wright
Sponsored by: –
Nickname: Needle Ned
Age: 20
Occupation: Student
Preferred Occupation: Thespian
Seasons at BWCUCC: 3
Funniest Player: Scott Inglis.
Scariest Player: Matt Jannett wielding a sidearm
Best Bowling: 4 for 13 vs OBC
Highest Score: 76 vs OBC
Favourite Players: Ross Taylor
Favourite BWC Moment: Jerky McCormick being stumped for a golden duck.
Which Hollywood Star would play you in a movie: James Franco
If I could be one person for a day I would be: Roger Federer

Have a great weekend everyone, and good luck to all teams getting back into it.

Gareth Gibson

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