Pavilion Deck Refurbishment 2016

At the end of the 2015/16 season the committee arranged for a survey of the members to be carried out in order that it could get some feedback and some re-assurance on the correct priorities to focus on. One of those items that was clearly of concern for both the members and the committee was the condition of the deck and it was agreed that the deck would be re-covered and that Shane Young would look into this.

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Photos of Deck – prior to work – May 2016

After a initial meeting with Rhys Barron (an LBP Builder from President’s Team) and an engineer inspected the deck it was becoming clear that the deck needed more substantive work than just the small matter of replacing the decking material. The committee was asked if it wanted to bring the deck up the the current building code, and engage an engineer to confirm the drawings and design and to ensure the works done correctly, or just make good the deck as it was. (At the time there had been several deck collapses). The committee wanted to ensure the deck was both safe and would meet the current building code and ensure it would provide many years of future service. The work was also needed to be as soon as possible to the start of the season.

In late August with help of Dan Vedder we appointed Lautrec consulting engineers to confirm the engirneering calculations, draw up the plans, and submit to the council an exemption from building consent application. What were the key differences in the deck?

  • The plans used for the deck extension in 1992 showed 40mm thick decking to be used, only 20mm was used – we need to put back 40mm.
  • The handrail height was slightly less than 1m, however as its a public deck the current code is 1100mm from the decking. To meet this code the metal posts that hold the handrail needed to be replaced. (they could not be modified).
  • Because of the new height of the handrail the balustrade now had to be replaced.
  • The fixings for the handrail posts needed to be upgraded and they needed to backblocked
  • The condition of some of the bearer and joists required them to be replaced and the connection made stronger with additional fixings
  •  An addition steel support post needed to be fitted to provide support.

The Robertson – Barron Deck

Although we did get an estimate from a QS (for no cost) and a quote from a builder for the decking only part, it was agreed the Dave Robertson and some of the Presidents Team (to many to mention) would help Rhys Barron to undertake the work on the deck, Rhys would provide a PS3 at the end of the job to allow the engineer to sign it off. The number of hours that Dave Roberston has put into this deck as huge, as well as that late hours that Rhys put in while managing his full time job (and with the help of the Dad who was visiting Christchurch on Holiday). The members owe them a debt of gratitude.

The materials were provided as special trade discount though Mark Harding at Placemakers Hornby, who also had to make the odd dash to help pick up materials and run them down to site.

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Deck under construction September 2016

The outlook from the deck over Burnside Oval is one of the best in views in club cricket and its a real asset that can be enjoyed with other improvements to the pavilion and so at the end of the hardwork it’s our to enjoy. We hope you are pleased with it.

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Completed Deck – November 2016

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