Jerard Gyens Cross (31 July 1955 – 14 June 2020)

It was with much sadness that club members learned of the death of Jerard (Jerry) Cross, who passed away suddenly at Christchurch Hospital on 14th June 2020, aged 64. Jerry was part of the furniture at Burnside Park, and a much loved member of the BWCUCC family.

Mike Fisher wrote an obituary to Jerry which is published on the CMCA website, we encourage you read it.

Jerry was blessed with one of the most recognisable voices you will ever hear. Coupled with a few of his favourite turns of phrase, you would always know when Jerry was about… Below are some of Jerry’s favourite calls, which he would repeat with regularity from the balcony, from the Burnside pavilion, or from the changing rooms:

  • “Run the first one hard, then the second one will come”
  • “Think about yourself nobody else”
  • “Think about it”
  • “For the club”
  • “Bussy’s just annoying, Isn’t he?”
  • “I’m allowed in the changing rooms for a beer and Bussy’s not, aren’t I?”
  • “He knows me well” – when name dropping Canterbury sporting royalty like Andrew Ellis, or Tom Latham

Jerry’s funeral was a joyful celebration of his life, his love of sport, the contributions he made to rugby and cricket, and the indelible mark he will leave on all of us. Jerry’s name is proudly engraved on the BWCUCC Premier Fielder of the Season cup, which will be now become an even more treasured prize in the club trophy cabinet. The committee plans to mark his passing with a more permanent memorial, and plans for this will be communicated in due course.

For now we look back fondly on our memories of Jerry, the club will not be the same without him.


  1. I’ll guess Double G. same correspondent as above.

    After 12 hours, I am surprised that I am still the Lone Ranger, Jerry would not be amused.

  2. 2 quotes that Mike missed, in a rugby context, was, When Jerry’s team had the ball it was “up the guts” and when without the ball it was ” Dackle, dackle dackle!!” Cheers ARA My apols for the earlier error.

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