Junior challenge shields

A number of the CJCA junior grades compete for a challenge shield which is up for grabs each Saturday much like provincial rugby’s Ranfurly Shield.

The shields are named after individuals who have contributed to junior cricket over long periods of time. Two of the shields are named after BWCU Life Members.

The Derek Cockburn Shield

The Derek Cockburn Shield is played for by the Junior Premier (Year 8) grade. The inscription on the Derek Cockburn Shield reads as follows.

Derek Cockburn has been a leading coach and selector of juniors in the North West of Christchurch since 1959. He has also fostered junior cricket through the South Island Tournament which has grown from 8 to 14 teams. He was made a life member of Burnside West CC in 1986 after assisting Zimbabwe officials in setting up junior cricket there, all in part of a Goldie Oldie exchange. Derek was awarded CJCA Life Membership in 1990, presented with the Sir Jack Newman trophy for service by NZ Cricket in 2007, made Patron of the CJCA in 2010 and in the same year received the ICC Centenary Medal for his outstanding service voluntarily given to cricket.

Derek Cockburn Challenge Shield

The Peter Burke Shield

The Peter Burke Shield is the challenge trophy for the Year 7 Section 1 grade. The inscription on this shield reads as follows:

Peter Burke enrolled his two sons with Burnside-West in 1993. He introduced new concepts to the North-West – first the Friday and Monday activity for beginners and synthetic pitch blocks. He was the Junior Cricket Associate President from 2002 until 2005, while being S.I.T. Manager during the rise of Tom Latham and Corey Anderson. Peter became the 26th BWCUCC Life Member in its 108 year history. He also has an ability to sniff out grants from worthy sponsors.

Peter Burke Challenge Shield
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