The Chairman’s Welcome

The 2018-19 season is underway with all senior teams having played a couple of rounds , and Juniors also well underway.

It is great to see the thriving mass of Junior, Youth & Senior sides out across the park at training when the weather has allowed it, and there can be considerable excitement about the season ahead.

I would like to extend my thanks to our hard working committee members for their efforts to get us up and running this summer. In particular, Shane Young who is filling the (not inconsiderable) shoes of Peter Burke as Junior Convenor has been working tirelessly to coordinate that area of our organisation.

The club is in good heart – and we are pleased to welcome the addition of a new T20 team in the Men’s Cavaliers Section 3 with BWCUCC “Holstein’s Boys” playing their 1st game for us out on the No: 4 pitch last weekend. Their team name tips a proverbial cap to the Headmaster of their former seat of higher learning down the road at Burnside High. Welcome guys!

Save for a few grass windrow issues, as a result of the usual spring growth challenging the council contractor, the Oval is in excellent condition & the pitches in tremendous nick.

Can I ask that all members respect the facilities we have by ensuring all rubbish is removed from the park and training equipment put away appropriately after use. If you are having a quiet beer side-line with your team after games, just remember to take your empties away with you when you go, and do not stack them in or around the CCC rubbish bins.

Let’s also “set the standard” for clubs across Christchurch in terms of our on-field behaviour & sportsmanship. Be respectful of your opponents and gracious in both victory & defeat.

Good luck to all teams competing across the grades this Saturday.

Dave Robertson
Your Chairman

Movember Challenge 2018

November arrives tomorrow and that means it’s time to grow a mane in support of Movember. Movember is a charity to raise awareness around men’s health. Many of you will have been affected either directly or indirectly by this issue. BWC has taken the initiative to get in behind the foundation and we need you to help!

What you need to do:

  1. Set up a profile by clicking here.
  2. After you have set up a profile, search for and join the Burnside Manes group here.
  3. Shave on Thursday 1st November.
  4. Don’t shave your grill again until Club Night.
  5. Convince your girlfriend and your mum to sponsor you with cold hard cash or credit card donations on the Movember website.


  • Support men’s health. Most of you are guys, or know at least one guy, and healthy guys are better than unhealthy ones.


  • Movember starts tomorrow (Thursday 1st November).
  • Shave Off by the 1st.
  • All participants must submit a pre and post mugshot.


  • The club will be going up against St Albans who have been personally affected by this issue in a competition to raise the most funds.
  • There will be a competition for best/worst Mo’s of the club.
  • December 1st: Club night with prizes drawn for various categories (more details to come).

Get a proper shave to get started:

  • If you need help with the shave: On Friday you can get shaved at 12:30pm 7 Ash street by a Barkers groomer. Bacon Brothers will be providing burgers and there will free Karma Cola’s (limited supply). More details here.

If you have any questions get in touch with Angus Harman.

Friday Night Cricket starts this Friday!

Friday Night cricket starts this Friday for all of our younger club members. The coaches are all ready and pumped to be getting into again this summer!

For those new to the Friday Night crowd, and as a reminder for returning families, here is the park layout and best places to park:

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 11.07.03 PM

What do you need to do?

If you have registered already, just turn up! The sessions start at 6pm sharp, and on the first night we’ll split the groups in to the Super Star Academy and the Kiwi Cricketers as below.

If you haven’t registered yet?

No problem – jsut show up and let one of the coaches know you are a new member. They’ll help get you in the right place, and introduce you to our Junior Convenor. If you want to register now, you still can by filling out this registration form, and making an online payment as per the details on the form, and returning the completed form to

Superstar Academy – (formerly Have a Go)

For our youngest players (School years 1 & 2), there is a focus on participation, skill development, and confidence building through cricket-focussed ball play in the Superstar Academy program. This was previously known as ‘Have-a-go’. Boys & Girls play together with trained junior coaches in a fun and friendly environment.

Kiwi Cricket

For advanced Year 2s, Year 3’s & Year 4’s. This is still mostly skill and play based and gradually works up to short gameplay towards the end of each sessions. Boys and Girls play together. Some of our more advanced Year 4 players will then have the option to play after the Christmas Holiday’s in CJCA’s T20 Year 4 North Zone cricket, on Saturday mornings.

What happens after Friday Night Cricket?

As players head into Year 5, they move into more traditional cricket through junior T20 style matches and will play for Burnside in one of our Saturday morning sides.

Boock-Sharp Trophy 2018

All current and former members are warmly invited to enjoy watching a day of cricket on Saturday 3rd November, at Hagley Park for the second annual Boock Sharp Trophy.

The Boock-Sharp Trophy (introduced in 2017/2018) is an interclub challenge between BWCUCC and St Albans, where sides from the two clubs come together for the weekend’s  matches to celebrate a friendly rivalry between the clubs.

The match between the Premier teams of both clubs is the centre-piece of the weekend, with the outcome of that match determining the winner of the Boock-Sharp Trophy, which is held by the winner until the next season. BWCUCC are the current holders after winning inaugural bragging rights last year.

This year’s matches:

  • BWU vs St. Albans Premiership XI teams will meet on the Hagley Main Oval
  • BWU vs St. Albans Championship XI teams will meet on the Hagley Nursery Ground
  • BWU vs St. Albans Presidents  XI teams will meet on Hagley 3

After the day’s cricket, players, former players, and supporters of both clubs are invited to retire to St Albans pavilion for refreshments, a presentation, and some short speeches.

Al Brown Leaderboard: Week 1

A century to Dan O’Keefe and a 5-wicket bag for Hamish Kember has the two President’s Foxes topping the standings after week 1.

# Player Team Matches Bat Bowl Field Total
1 Hamish Kember Presidents 1 3.8 19.95 0.0 23.75
2 Dan O’Keefe Presidents 1 15.5 2.84 1.25 19.60
3 Deon Cremer Boomers 1 0.4 15.85 1.25 17.50
4 Taylor Reid Ghetto Hustlers 1 9.42 0.0 0.0 9.42
5 Tony Edlin Boomers 1 3.13 6.06 0.0 9.20
6 Tom (Big Red) Grimshaw Cannons 1 0.07 7.94 0.0 8.01
7 Jonathan Brewis Cannons 1 5.89 -0.43 0.0 5.46
8 Binny Patel Strikers 1 5.41 0.0 0.0 5.41
9 Michael Reed Boomers 1 0.0 5.22 0.0 5.22
10 Rob (Viking) Gillespie Cannons 1 1.28 3.13 0.0 4.41

Junior cricket start dates

Junior Saturday morning cricket

Junior cricket starts on Saturday 20th October. The club is in the final phase of allocating teams and confirming coaches and managers. If you have registered for Junior cricket this season, you can expect to receive an email from the club confirming your child’s team and coach/manager soon.

Junior Friday night cricket

For our youngest players (Year 1-4), Friday night cricket is due to start on Friday 26th October. You can expect to receive an email with more information about this soon.