Senior men’s registration

BWCU is one of the few teams with a team in each of the top three adult men’s grades offered by Christchurch Metro Cricket, plus we have afternoon and social grade cricket options available for those with less time on their hands, or those looking for less competitive forms of cricket.


Registration for Premier, Championship, Division 1, 40-over Afternoon Grades, and social T20 Grades.

The BWCU Senior cricket pathway

BWCU provides teams for junior (primary school) and senior (men’s) cricketers. For youth (high school) aged male and youth and adult female, cricketers, BWCU is a founding member of North West Youth Cricket and North West Women’s Cricket. These two organisations provide a clear pathway for junior cricketers through the CMCA Youth cricket system from Year 8 onwards, and then on adult grades. We hope this is also way of retaining strong ties back to BWCU at the end of high school.

The path through the high school years all lead back to BWCU. We encourage NWYC to retain close contact with BWCU through Junior coaching opportunities, and players can return to BWCU when they are ready and play cricket at a level that is appropriate to them.Players playing both junior and senior afternoon cricket for their schools can return to the club every season to play afternoon cricket when school cricket finishes, again at a level that is appropriate to them.

The senior club currently enters ten teams in men’s cricket: Premiership, Championship, Division 1, Division 3, Division 4, Division 5, Presidents Grade, and three T20 Cavaliers teams . These teams are graded so all the players are playing at an appropriate level.

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