2018 / 2019 Newsletter #2

In this weeks update a lot of readers will be disappointed to learn that Gibbo is away and not able to bring you the usual high standard of reporting…..

  • Saturday Junior Cricket is on over the long weekend
  • Friday Night Cricket is NOT on this weekend, starts 26th October 2018
  • Draws and Fixtures
  • Plus more

Junior Cricket Underway

This week the club has got 9 boys junior team which range from Year 4 to a Year 8 team which will be competing in the CJCA competition around the city.  There have been some rule change this year as NZC introduce the age and stage cricket to be the same game modules through out the country. You can see more about age and stage in this video.


Here is the draw for the Junior Cricket – BWU 2 – Year 7 Premier Team did have a bye – but are now playing a friendly against the North West Women’s Cricket Youth Team.

jnr draw 20oct

Please ensure that you thank all the parents who have agreed to look after a team and help out – it takes a lot of courage to put your hand up to look after a cricket team when you have never even played the game!

Acknowledgements for Junior Cricket

Mainland Foundation Logo

We would like to acknowledge the grant from Mainland Foundation that enable us to purchase some new shirts, playing equipment and cover some of costs of some Junior Coaches visit our local schools and doing awareness sessions, CJCA also provided founding for these awareness visit and this is made an increase in the number of the registered Friday night cricketers.



Home Fixtures this week

At home this week we have:


Premier Men back into colours on Saturday to face Riccarton in 50 over one day cricket

Championship Men against LPW on #2 in one day cricket

Youth Girls cricket in the morning on #3

Boomers  – looking to go 2 from 2 against Sumner on #3

NWWC Youth Girls vs BWU 2 Year 7 Premiers in a friendly match #4

BWU Holsteins Boys (new T20 side) vs Heathcote Blazers on #4

BWU 1 Year 8 Boys  vs Sydenham on #5 at 9am

Monday (Labour Day)

Premier Men travel to Sydenham Park

draw adult 20oct.JPG

North West Women’s Cricket

Here is the draw for the first matches of the season (other than last weeks washout). The Youth Match was defaulted, but there is a friendly arranged. Enjoy the match all the new girls on our year 5/6 team.

draw nwwc

You can follow North West Women’s Cricket – with is pathway for girl’s and women’s cricket between Merivale-Papanui CC and BWCUCC on their facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/nwwcricket/

North West Youth Cricket

This week the Youth cricket get underway and NWYC 1st XI visit St Bedes College, did you know Jerry Cross went to St. Bedes with Peter Burke, it would be interesting to ask Jerry who he might be backing in that fixture. The only home fixture for the NWYC boys is the 9a side who face the CBHS in what is difficult first up wicket on BHS #3 where the toss would be critical.

These boys have all be training hard all week, and are looking smart in their training kit so good luck lads.

nwyc draw 20oct

Welcome to Robert Renforth

Robert Renforth, from Mancester but supports Newcastle.

Our Premier wicket keeper and Treasurer Angus Harmen spent a couple of seasons in the UK and stayed with Robert’s family, and now Robert has made the big adventure to NZ. Robert is an ECB2 qualified coach but comes from club which has 3-4 sides that play on a Saturday and Sunday in the Lancashire league.

Robbie is going to be getting up to speed on junior coaching kiwi style and we are going to see if we can get him some other casual work that doesn’t interfere with that.

This might be first cricket coach to arrive at the ground in a Lime scooter.

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