Club Clothing

The club has a sponsorship and supplier agreement with Cricket Express. From August 2023 you are now able purchase your playing clothing and training clothing online through their portal. Cricket Express will batch the orders – there is normally a lead time of 8 weeks – if you need clothing by the start of the season you need to have ordered by 14 August 2023. Senior FAQs and Junior FAQs are below – the club will still be providing the playing caps for all players and t-shirts for Friday Night Junior Cricket. Click here to go to the Cricket Express BWCUCC Shop

When you order you will need to provide a name, initial and player number – please select a player number where you are not likely to play in the same team. If you are not sure please contact your captain or coach. Here is the list of numbers as at March 2023. There is no restriction on Junior Player numbers

Senior Players FAQs

  • What if I don’t have any clothing at the start of the season, I am just filling in during UC term, of if I am not sure you will play? Speak to your captain we have some loan clothing
  • What if I get a Youth Scholarship? The club will arrange for a Cricket Express Voucher for you to use.
  • How do I tell what size I am? You can visit Cricket Express or check out the Paladin Size Guide
  • What do I HAVE to order? Just your playing uniform for lower grades – check with your captain / coach for other teams which might have other standards for training clothing
  • I have sponsor who can help pay for a team- how does that work? Contact the club captain and we can talk about direct ordering with Cricket Express

Junior Players FAQs

  • Note – The club is changing it’s junior clothing for Saturday Morning CJCA cricket as of August 2023:
    • We are moving to shirt ownership model, but during the transistion we will have some loan shirts if you are new to the club or are not able to purchase a shirt – please see the junior convenor.
    • The Year 8 teams in 2023 will use the old shirts and get to keep them.
    • Players who order junior shirts will be able to have them customised with names and numbers at no extra cost. If you do not customise the shirt at the point of order you can still have a name and number added but at an additional cost. There is no restriction on “player numbers” for Junior Cricket
    • For sizing if you are not sure please with click on the Paladin size guide above or go to Cricket Express
    • Why have you made this change? The club did a poll last season about these changes as we are not able to maintain the standard of playing shirts that are club owned across all our juniors. Many players like to retain these shirts so we do a lose a few that way.
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