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As from 1st of August 2018 NZC have made some changes to the way Coaches and Managers are registered and vetted, and the changes mean there is NEW registration system that also helps to manage the qualifications of coaches.

Coaching and vulnerable persons message from NZC

Anyone can become an awesome coach and you don’t even need to have ever played the sport! All you need to do is be enthusiastic and willing to learn. This is a fantastic opportunity to be involved in your kids sports as well putting back into the community.

NZC Coach pathway

The minimum require is to register online and complete the vetting form and do the online Foundation coach which is great for kids from Year 1 to hardball cricket. Once you get to hardball cricket you can do have to do an ‘advanced foundation course’ which includes a practical module.

Here is how to register – Even if you are an existing coach you need to register! Once you click – go to the left hand menu and under Coaches Corner – Select Register:

Coach Registration screenshot1

Select “Christchurch Clubs”

Coach Registration screenshot2

Now you can fill in you registration details for your Profile – Don’t forget to choose Burnside West Christchurch University CC as you club – YOU can be allocated to more than one club!

Coach Registration screenshot3

Here’s the link:

Once you are registered the system is linked to NZC online coaching and resource application so if you have already completed courses they will appear on your profile.

To find your back to log on just follow this link

Once you have logged into the Friendly Manager application you can then can then look on your profile, and log into the “online learning” modules – see this link below


Resource Centre

Once you log in you can also download lots of information from the resource centre

Resource Centre


Here is short youtube clip for existing coaches NZC You Tube clip for existing coaches

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