History/Annual Reports


Both of our Histories were written and edited by Club Life Member Brian Adams

They can be downloaded here:

BWCUCC 75 Years of Cricket 1905 to 1980

BWCUCC From Hagley to Burnside 100 Years of Cricket 1905 to 2005

Club stalwart Arthur Grayburn published a book on “Burnside Park,  It’s History, People and Sports” in 1994 and we grateful to have found and edition which is Burnside Park It’s History, People and Sports – Arthur Grayburn 1994


Download the club’s Annual Reports from recent seasons:



BWCUCC Annual Report 2016_17

BWCUCC Annual Report 2015 and 16

Cover pages BWCUCC Annual Report 2014 and 15

BWCUCC Annual Report 2014 and 15

BWCUCC Annual Report 2013 and 14

BWCUCC Annual Report 2012 and 13

BWCUCC Annual Report 2011 and 12

BWCUCC Annual Report 2010 and 11

Please select the following pages for Annual Reports for earlier decades

Annual Reports 2000/2001 to 2009/2010

Annual Reports 1990/1991 to 1999/2000

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