North West Women’s Cricket 2019-20 Annual Report

We would like to thank everyone involved in the North West Women’s Cricket 2019 -20 season and now as we reflect on the season we can do so with the help of this annual report. Thanks to our Convenor Ross Hastings and all the contributors to the annual report which covers all aspects from our juniors and our U19 sides.

Reading the report, examining the photos and reviewing the statistics gives an excellent account of the progress made in girls and women’s cricket this past summer and provides a great platform for the future growth and development of the sport in the North West. Both Burnside West-Christchurch Cricket Club, Merivale-Papanui Cricket Club and the contribution of Harewood Cricket Club towards our Year 5/6 sides has been thoroughly rewarded. Please contact the club if there are any errors or omissions.

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