Ben Earl – Video Analysis

Ben first came our club in 2018 as a referral from UC Sport where he was studying a sports coaching degree and we asked for some video feedback support. This has been in an entirely voluntary capacity.

The advantage that Ben has got is that he also plays and understands cricket and was able to quickly understand the requirements the senior leadership group of the Premier Men’s team and was able to use resources from UC like video cameras, equipment and software.

Ben sets up cameras for matches and practices and then sets about slicing the content up with Sportscode to delivery to the player group. This has been incredibly beneficial for the development of players and for the team in their planning for matches.

” Ben has been a huge part of our group for a couple of years now. He is firstly a good person to have in the team and secondly he has provided real value to training & games as guys can review their performances and cross check what they are seeing on what they are working on. Ben has also provided some great statistical analysis which has been a large part of our success in the T20 format in recent seasons.” – Premier Men’s Captain Matt Hay

One of the other areas has been the compilation of highlights videos which has been very well received in the club.

At the University Ben has been using the experience toward his degree and ongoing professional development

In 2021 Ben has completed his final papers and is expecting to obtain his degree in April 2022, so this is likely to be his last season at the club and we are very grateful to have been able work with him.

Some of the best moments for Ben have been being part of the club and in and around player, seeing your analysis work being put into action in matches, see player improvements.

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