Quickscore Scoreboard

Geoff Boorer from our grounds services supply partner Perennial, a sponsor, club member and former committee member contacted us about evaluating their demonstration Quickscore scoreboard as well as having it at the clubrooms so that is seen in action.

The scoreboard is connected to the same network as an Ipad or tablet which uses CricHQ to score. From the CricHQ application  you are able to select the scoreboard for the match which then shows all the scores and updates during the match. You read more information on the scoreboard on Perennial’ss website https://www.perennial.co.nz/products/quickscore-smart-scoreboard

The scoreboard also allows us to feature our club partners Pack and Send, Fox and Associates and Cricket Express

We have positioned this scoreboard temporarily on the deck and thanks to Mark Pringle from Smartsparks https://www.smartsparks.co.nz/ who have provided an outdoor power outlet and a network outlet so that we can connect the scoreboard. At the same time Mark has run some trunking in the scorers office and provided more power outlets to keep all the devices powered and small cabinet to tidy up all the equipment.

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