BWCUCC New Playing and Training Clothing

BWCUCC with the support of Cricket Express and Paladin would like to present our new playing and training gear for the 2022/23 season and beyond.

The design has a maroon domination, our distinctive colour with navy blue and gold incorporated maintaining the history of the three clubs that have become BWCUCC.

With the creation of two new sides calling Burnside Park their home for 2022 the design has been made to align our senior uniforms. We wish to welcome all of our new members to our second presidents side & our other new side whose grade is yet to be determined

Our Premiership, Championship, Div 2 Lions will be joining our two new teams in this design, with the President Foxes & Broncos sticking with their recently adopted new Paladin kit.

This season we are going to begin migrating away from club supplied shirts and pants due players wanting to retain their shirts, the get the correct fit for everyone and has the opportunity for you to add your name and number to this kit

All players intending to play in one of these five sides please reach out to your captain to place your order if contact has not already been made! There is urgency to the order due to the nature of lead times and the first club wide order will be submitted on 3rd August

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