North West Women’s Cricket

North West Women’s Cricket is a collaboration between Burnside West Christchurch University and Merivale Papanui Cricket Clubs, providing women’s cricket playing pathways for ages 10 and up.

Follow NWWC and view all our games on CricHQ.

The pathway for girl’s starts off in both club in Junior Cricket either in a or Friday night program, playing mixed cricket at club or school.  All girls teams from Year 5/6 up will be playing as ‘North West Women’s Cricket’ all the way from CJCA grades to Christchurch Metro Cricket Women’s Cricket grades – so there is no interruption in transition from primary, intermediate school and high school.

Currently the NWWC Convenor is Ross Hastings and this season we are looking forward to having teams in the Premier Women’s Grades, Youth / Div 1, U16, Year 7/8 and Year 5/6 Grades.

Ross Hastings can be contacted via email:

Registration Information (registration is currently OPEN)

You can register online now for the new season at CricHQ on the following link, please note if you would like to be associated with BWCUCC or MPCC. Please sign in first for your profile. NWWC CricHQ Registration link

Subscriptions are $110.00 for junior players school year 5-8, $130.00 for Youth / Secondary School Students, $180.00 for University Students and U21 Players, and $230.00 for Senior Players,

There is a $90.00 if there is an additional sibling.  a registration form is available below.

You can either register online on the following link or by sending in the registration form at the end of this page to

Registration Days

At Burnside Cricket Club, Burnside Park – 336 Avonhead Road – Sunday’s 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th September from 10am to Midday.

At Merivale-Papanui Cricket Club, Edgar MacIntosh Park, Condell Avenue –  Saturday 12th, Sunday 13th September 2pm – 4pm, Sunday 20th September 2pm – 4pm

Please contact Shane Young or Ross Hastings if you have any questions

Clothing for 2020 – 21

Clothing Policy for 2020 – 2021 is below.

Clothing Policy for 2020 – 2021 season. (Revised October 2020)

  • Cricket Playing Shirt – This will be provided by the club on a loan basis.
  • Cricket Pants
    • Juniors wear white pants, these are readily available at retail stores.
    • Youth and Div 1 to wear black playing pants. Note: NWWC Branded black playing pants are preferred but not compulsory and have now be discounted to $25.00
    • Premier Women’s Squad – Branded Black playing pants are required – there is no cost to the players this season for their first pair of playing pants. 
  • Training Clothing
    • Squad members of the Premier team are expected to have a Hoodie, Pants, Training Tee and Training Shorts as part of the uniform. We appreciate there is some cost to this, please speak to the coach, manager or administration to discuss some options around this.
    • The Premier Squad now has a sponsor for Training Tee Shirt & Shorts (this does not include Hoodies) and there will be no cost for t-shirts and shorts for this season. 
    • All other teams, this is optional for every clothing item.
    • We would encourage other teams, senior or junior to consider obtaining a hoodie or training shirt sponsor, or player sponsor or consider fundraising options as a team to reduce costs of this.

Contact Emma Pearce (Eliza’s Mum) to confirm the orders


  • I didn’t order any clothing – can I still get some? Yes – Please order via Emma – if we don’t have it in stock we can add it to the next bulk order.
  • I thought we had to pay for these. Why are there changes? Because of the lead time to make the customised clothing and ship to NZ (5 weeks) we had to order it before some of our funding was confirmed. We also did not have a sponsor for the Premier Squad that time?
  • I ordered some clothing and now I have changed my mind and don’t want it. We will only invoice for you once you have received the clothing – so give it back if you don’t want it.
  • When do I have to pay for this? We will email an invoice shortly after you receive the clothing, if you need some extra time to play if you can let us know and we can work it out.
  • How do I order the clothing? Email Emma as above or speak to your coach.

Annual Reports

North West Women’s Cricket history

MPCC and BWCUCC have been partners in girls and women’s cricket for over 10 years, mainly due to player numbers which means we often share and exchange players at different skills levels to form Girl’s only sides.

In 2015/16 there was the formation of the North West Zone for Woman’s cricket which is intended to provide a pathway for Youth Woman towards Premiers Woman’s cricket.  As a club we fully support this focus of combining several clubs strengths to form age appropriate and skill levels sides to compete in the Christchurch Metro Competition.

In 2017/18 Season we entered our first combined sides as North West Youth Cricket sides for Youth Girls, however the following season we decided that would include all our junior girls and we would focus on this collaboration specifically for Women’s cricket.

In 2019/20 saw two U19 sides finishing first and second in the competition and approval to play Premier Cricket in 2020/21 season, we also had increase in Junior playing numbers as well as adoption of new logo, branding and clothing.

Please contact the club if you have any specific enquiries with Women’s Cricket.

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