North West Women’s Cricket

North-West Women’s Cricket provides girls women’s cricket playing pathways for ages 10 and up.

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The pathway for girl’s starts off in both club in Junior Cricket either in a or Friday night program, playing mixed cricket at club or school.  All girls teams from Year 5/6 up will be playing as ‘North West Women’s Cricket’ all the way from CJCA grades to Christchurch Metro Cricket Women’s Cricket grades – so there is no interruption in transition from primary, intermediate school and high school.

North West Women’s Cricket history

MPCC and BWCUCC have been partners in girls and women’s cricket for over a decade, mainly due to player numbers which means we often share and exchange players at different skills levels to form Girl’s only sides.

In 2015/16 there was the formation of the North West Zone for Woman’s cricket which is intended to provide a pathway for Youth Woman towards Premiers Woman’s cricket.  As a club we fully support this focus of combining several clubs strengths to form age appropriate and skill levels sides to compete in the Christchurch Metro Competition.

In 2017/18 Season we entered our first combined sides as North West Youth Cricket sides for Youth Girls, however the following season we decided that would include all our junior girls and we would focus on this collaboration specifically for Women’s cricket.

In 2019/20 saw two U19 sides finishing first and second in the competition and approval to play Premier Cricket in 2020/21 season, we also had increase in Junior playing numbers as well as adoption of new logo, branding and clothing.

Please contact the club if you have any specific enquiries with Women’s Cricket.

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