Burnside Cricket is proud to be a partner, along with the Merivale Papanui Cricket Club, Burnside High School, Papanui High School and Christchurch Metropolitan Cricket, in North West Youth Cricket (NWYC).


NWYC is a club for players of Year 9 to Year 13 age. Players are mainly from the two partner schools, Burnside High School & Papanui High School – However there is no restriction on just these schools.

Please find attached the registration form for the 1/2 year of 2017 for NWYC can be found here: registration form

One of the aims of NWYC is to provide a pathway for young cricketers between their junior cricket and their joining Burnside or Merivale-Papanui clubs after leaving school. Burnside High and Papanui High players represent their schools in mid-week teams.

All NWYC players have access to qualified coaches and a Saturday manager to aid their development as cricketers. Canterbury Cricket liaises closely with NWYC to ensure that development opportunities are also available for players through its coaching staff and via Christchurch and Canterbury representative teams.

You can find out more about NWYC on the club Facebook page or please contact North West Youth Cricket through Mitch Howard on or 021 758 474