The Chairman’s Welcome

The 2018-19 season is underway with all senior teams having played a couple of rounds , and Juniors also well underway.

It is great to see the thriving mass of Junior, Youth & Senior sides out across the park at training when the weather has allowed it, and there can be considerable excitement about the season ahead.

I would like to extend my thanks to our hard working committee members for their efforts to get us up and running this summer. In particular, Shane Young who is filling the (not inconsiderable) shoes of Peter Burke as Junior Convenor has been working tirelessly to coordinate that area of our organisation.

The club is in good heart – and we are pleased to welcome the addition of a new T20 team in the Men’s Cavaliers Section 3 with BWCUCC “Holstein’s Boys” playing their 1st game for us out on the No: 4 pitch last weekend. Their team name tips a proverbial cap to the Headmaster of their former seat of higher learning down the road at Burnside High. Welcome guys!

Save for a few grass windrow issues, as a result of the usual spring growth challenging the council contractor, the Oval is in excellent condition & the pitches in tremendous nick.

Can I ask that all members respect the facilities we have by ensuring all rubbish is removed from the park and training equipment put away appropriately after use. If you are having a quiet beer side-line with your team after games, just remember to take your empties away with you when you go, and do not stack them in or around the CCC rubbish bins.

Let’s also “set the standard” for clubs across Christchurch in terms of our on-field behaviour & sportsmanship. Be respectful of your opponents and gracious in both victory & defeat.

Good luck to all teams competing across the grades this Saturday.

Dave Robertson
Your Chairman

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