BWCUCC Legends of the Pride – John Fraser Thompson

John Fraser Thompson, BWCUCC life member # 20 was invited to share his thoughts on cricket. John is also a life member of Canterbury Cricket and NZ Junior Cricket, his contribution to Burnside West Christchurch University Cricket Club is outstanding: In his playing days John played second grade and then Presidents, serving on Club committees from 1966 to 2012, twice as Club President. Link to the films are below.

John Thomson, at the Burnside West Christchurch University Cricket Clubrooms during filming in 2020

There are three films of around 10mins which were filmed in spring 2020 and Mike Fisher from Christchurch Metropolitan Cricket is interviewing John. In film 1 (of 3) John talks about his introduction to cricket and coming to Christchurch, In film 2 (of 3) he talks about facing one of NZs (and West Christchurch Universities) fastest ever bowlers in the nets, In this final film his contribution is acknowledged and he discusses the modern game.

The Legends of the Pride is a series of videos to capture the cricketing memories of the clubs legends. These films are researched, filmed and produced by Martin Conway from

Mike Fisher from Christchurch Metropolitan Cricket talked about working on the project

“History is precious!

I was recently invited to be involved in a project, undertaken by the Burnside West University Cricket Club, which complements the recent establishment of some of the club’s cricketing memorabilia.

This involves Martin Conway’s innovation of capturing someone’s family member, who may be old or may be ill, who wants to leave life memories for future family members.

This is being extended to the cricket club as it captures how the club evolved and the club members who helped the club in that evolution.

I was privileged to interview John Thompson, former player, administrator, President, groundsman, Life Member and all-things Burnside West.

Martin was brilliant to be involved with: professional, production-savvy, well-researched, patient and understanding.”

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