BWCUCC / NWWC Fantasy Update 19 March

Some strong fantasy performances across the grades this week as we reach the pointy end of the season. Our Premiership and Championship sides both looked good against St Albans, while the Broncos and Foxes both had strong wins. OBC got the better of the Lions and Diamond Traders, the Traders knocked out in their Semi Final and the Lions with work to do going into day 2. The Northwest women sadly had to abandon their final game of the season. A mixture of familiar and unfamiliar names topped the player leaderboards this week, while it was the old guard who stood on the podium in the team standings.



  1. FOX Steve McKean – 106 pts
  2. FOX Martin Conway – 102 pts
  3. CHAMP Dan Coles – 96 pts

Ahh McKean, you’ve done it again… 76 not out see’s Steve lead the way in back-to-back weeks. His opening partner Martin comes in a close second, scoring 72 not out which could have been a lot more had he not been forced to retire hurt. Dan Coles rounds out the top 3 with a 66 not out. Prior to this Dan had only played in a couple of games for 15 points so was unsurprising not selected by any managers!


  1. FOX Hamish Kember – 89 pts
  2. CHAMP Alex McDuff – 76 pts
  3. LION Gurdit Singh – 72 pts

Hamish now has 10 wickets in his last 3 games at an average of 6.00 – not bad for only $3.2mil. After a lean patch by his standards, Alex McDuff was back on the leaderboard this week thanks to a solid all-around effort scoring 34 and taking 2 poles. Gurdit rounds out the top 3 thanks to a 3 wicket bag and 18 runs. Another cheap buy at $3.1mil, Gurdit has consistently taken wickets all season.

All Rounders

  1. PREM Matt Hay – 108 pts
  2. CHAMP – Jake Jonas – 89 pts
  3. BRONX – Michael Chun – 80 pts

Five wickets this week sees Matt top the all-rounders once more. Young gun Jake Jonas impressed on debut for the Championship side, scoring a nice 69. Michael Chun picked up his second 50 in four weeks to take third spot.


  1. PREM Callum Hill – 49 pts
  2. LION Cambell Eathorne – 43 pts
  3. BRONX Thomas Sturman – 40 pts

Callum tops the keep list after scoring 29 not out and taking a catch. He is only selected by one manager and is scoring well late in the season. Cam edged closer to Mitch Hay as our top fantasy keeper and will look to spend some time at the crease come Saturday to shave off those last 54 points. Tom Sturman had another good innings and is well worth look if you are after a Ferrari on a Fiat budget.


  1. Luke Moore (Mud Dogs) – 886 pts
  2. Carl Huyser (Dominance) – 754 pts
  3. Gareth Gibson (Cordyline Australis) – 731 pts
  4. James Guild-Inder (G-I Joes) – 693 pts
  5. Dave Robertson (Crashman XI) – 635 pts

Luke played his triple captain this week on Steve McKean which worked out well. Carl made an inspired move and was the only Manager to start Jake Jonas (no need for an investigation).


  1. Gareth Gibson – 9561
  2. Luke Moore – 9241
  3. Carl Huyser – 9188
  4. Tim Scott – 8141
  5. Will Kennedy – 7738
  6. James Guild-Inder – 7709
  7. Matt Hay – 7448
  8. Cambell Eathorne – 7362
  9. Tim Bridgman – 7291
  10. Flint Rogers – 7262

That’s it for the penultimate report of the season, good luck to all for finals day

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