BWCUCC Fantasy 12 March 2022

It was an eventful week around the club – DDT played their 2nd game since Christmas, passing on their default curse the the Div 2 Lions. Will O’B came out firing looking to boost his stocks at the end of the season, with some of the women’s players also registering their best performances for the season – but how does this affect fantasy?

The Top Performers – Players


  1. FOX Steve McKean – 121 pts
  2. NWWC Nicola Clayton – 40 pts
  3. CHAMP Will Kennedy – 35 pts

Steve McKean keeps up his late season resurgence, snagging a handy 51 to go with 3 catches and a run out. Nicola joins the top 3 with one of her best weeks – 15 n.o to go with a wicket. Will rounds out the top 3 with 11 runs and a wicket.     


  1. NWWC Libby Stead – 74 pts
  2. FOX Burny Martin – 71 pts
  3. FOX Hamish Kember – 71 pts

The NWWC have shown up late season in the fantasy ranks, with Libby recording her best week thus far with her 4 wickets. Burny continues his fine return from injury with 3 wickets & 7 n.o to go with Hamish’s 3 wickets & 23 runs in a good FOX win. 

All Rounders

  1. PREM Matthew Hay – 109 pts
  2. CHAMP Will O’Brien – 101 pts
  3. LION Tim Scott – 96 pts

Matthew continues to be the best fantasy pick of the season with 83 runs this week, with Will having his best performance with 81 runs for CHAMPS. Tim enjoyed his trip to play for Broncos, scoring 51, taking a wicket & a catch (though he put down an absolute sitter also). 


  1. PREM Mitchell Hay – 120 pts
  2. DDT Nick Tinning – 71 pts
  3. BRONX Thomas Sturman – 58 pts

Mitch is back with a vengeance, smacking 80 n.o & taking a catch in the process. WIth the DDT’s playing their first game in 6 weeks, Nick took full advantage, putting on 36 n.o with a catch & stumping. Thomas is also enjoying a return after 6 weeks off with a hamstring injury, scoring 38 n.o with a catch.

The Weeks Top Performers – Managers

  1. Tim Scott (rountree Rumblers) – 619 pts
    • Tim had a strong week, despite having 3 nil scores on his roster. Picking 4 of the top players for the week certainly does help that! Sitting in 4th place, does he have a chance to make the podium?
  1. Ben Earl (PAXI) – 619 pts
    • Ben’s first podium finish has him with some high highs in his team but also some low lows. His top 4 players all scored over 90 points each, but 5 scores 1 or less points this week really hurt. Still, a strong finish! Who knew video analysis would help pick good players. 
  1. Sam Wilson (WORs Jostlers) – 590 pts
    • Sam jostled his way into 3rd this week, ironically beating out WOR’s team by 1 point. A Common theme of the week has been having one or both Hay brothers in the squad. often joined by Steve McKean. Sam is no exception but was held back by 4 nil scores & a negative 20, so Sam falls just short of a win this week.    
  1. Will O’Rourke (WOR’s team) – 589 pts
    • The first of the top 4 not to have picked Matt Hay, the oversight may have cost Will, despite only having 3 nil scores this week. An otherwise strong squad, but lacking some changes to really take the win this week. 
  1. Ben Laughton (Benny & The Jets) – 589 pts
    • Continuing the trend of only picking one Hay, Ben chose Matthew this week but a -17 from Scott Janett & nil points from self-selection, Ben can’t quite take home his first win of the season. 

The Leaderboard – Managers

Week 6 of the Fantasy has the overall scoreboard as follows:

  1. Gareth Gibson (Cordyline Australis), 8,830 pts
  1. Carl Huyser (Dominance) – 8,454 pts
  1. Luke Moore (Mud Dogs) – 8,355 pts
  1. Tim Scott (Rountree Rumblers) – 7,630 pts
  1. Will Kennedy (Boooots) – 7,384 pts
  1. Matt Hay (Haybails Hustlers) – 7,075 pts
  1. James Guild-Inder (G.I Joes) – 7,016 pts
  1. Cambell Eathorne (Back Problems) – 6,862 pts
  2. Tim Bridgman (tim’s XI) – 6,854 pts
  3. Curtis Millard (Phillips phirros) -6,797 pts

Players to Watch:

Let’s have a look at some of the players who might not yet be on your radar:

  • BRONX Thomas Sturman
    • After sitting out for 6 weeks, Thomas is back with a vengeance. After dismantling Halswell on the weekend, Thomas wants to make up for lost time so some fireworks could be on display.
  • NWWC Nicola Clayton
    • Dangerous With Bat or ball, Nicola has really stepped up after Christmas, giving some of her best performances all year – could she be looking to take Izzy’s spot as the top player for the year?

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