1994 book “Burnside Park, It’s History, People and Sport”

Shane Young has been able to locate a copy of Arthur Grayburn’s 1994 book “Burnside Park, It’s History, People and Sport” which provides a record of both the history of the park, but also that of the sports clubs associated with the park.

Arthur Grayburn was club secretary 1990-93 and had over 1200 wickets bowling leg-spin in 51 seasons from 1941-92, in addition he was a holder of several world veteran javelin throw records, and some older members may remember Arthur practicing at the park and well coaching people on the technical aspects of throwing. You can read more about Arthur here https://www.pressreader.com/new-zealand/the-press/20071201/282703337750761

This book will of interest to anyone who is interested in the history of the park, bowls, cricket, hockey, jogging, rugby, scouts, soccer, squash, table tennis and tennis at the park.

Thanks to Theresa Buller for her time in processing the scanning of the book to bring it back to life, copyright reserved for the Estate of Arthur E. Grayburn.

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