BWCUCC Premier Men Coach- Vacancy

Burnside West Christchurch University Cricket Club
Position Description – Premier Coach

BWCUCC is seeking expressions of interest for the role of Premier Mens Coach. The role outline is as follows.

Reporting Relationships:

• Reports to: Club Committee, Club Chairman, Chairman of Selectors
• Direct Reports: None

Key Performance Objectives:

• The Employer feels that suitable indicators of the Employee’s performance will include the skills exhibited by the players, the attitude of the players and the team’s position in their respective competitions.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:


• In conjunction with the Premier Team Captain – ensure that all team members comply with the BWCUCC Club Code of Conduct, rules and responsibilities, and the CMCA Code of Conduct as directed by the Committee.

• Be available to meet with the Chairman of Selectors each week to confirm the availability of players and finalise selections for each playing day across the open Senior Grade teams.


• Agree, in conjunction with the players on each team, a team culture that is in alignment with the BWCUCC code of compliance and the values of the club.

• Agree, in conjunction with the players on a set of general Team Rules and standards of behaviour regarding playing, training and cricket related events that is aligned with the BWCUCC code of compliance and the values of the club.

• Agree, in conjunction with the captains and other particular players, on a game plan for each day’s play.


• Develop a pre-season and during season coaching plan for the teams and individual players.

• Agree on individual goals that players need to achieve.

• Provide the necessary coaching to individual players within the Senior Grade structure who attend club trainings.

• This will include the management and ‘hands on’ running of Club trainings – including pre-season, week nights (normally Tuesday & Thursday) and any additional trainings scheduled by agreement.

• Ensure that trainings are varied and engaging, with a focus on developing all three facets of the game.

• Be available to advise & help individuals who reach out for assistance at and away from training on any aspect of their game.

Player Performance and Review

• Have pre-season goal setting meetings with all interested players and continue to review these as the season progresses

• Provide constant feedback to players on performance at training & games with the view to improve their skills & performance

• Establish performance standards for all players.

Player Recruitment

• Prepare a player recruitment strategy and actively recruit players – including through the attraction of school leavers to the club – and take an active role in communication with potential players in this regard.

Team Selection

• Take a prominent, active and continual role in the selection of the Senior Open Grade teams – working in conjunction with the Chairman of Selectors and Senior Open Grade Team Captains.

• Ensure that teams entered in the adult morning grade teams for the season are selected with a clear focus on the strength of the overall teams and an appropriate balance of player roles within each one.

• Ensure the availability of each individual player is confirmed and communicated by and to the affected players, team captains and the Chairman of Selectors using an agreed process and tools (including electronic communications as early as possible each week).

• In conjunction with the Chairman of Selectors, ensure that adult morning grade team selections are communicated to the club’s membership by posting in a suitably visible online group/forum that is visible to all club and committee members.

• Ensure that players moving up & down between teams are communicated with via a subtle platform (face to face or phone call) with clear reasoning and a path back into the side.

Applications close 14th May 2021

To discuss this confidentially and apply contact

Dave Robertson
BWCUCC Chairman
027 444 6136

Peter Hay
021 900 329

Please note the following:

  • Remuneration is subject to funding
  • You must be able to work in New Zealand
  • The job structure is flexible so get in touch if you have an interest and we can discuss the details.

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