BWCUCC Fantasy – Week 2

Week 2 of Fantasy has concluded with strong performances across all Burnside teams. Our weekly Breakdown is as Follows:

The Top Performers – Players


  1. CHAMP Will Kennedy – 214 pts
  2. PREM Thomas Zohrab – 57 pts
  3. FOX Jeff Roy – 54 pts
  4. PREM Carl Huyser – 52 pts
  5. DDT Angus McKenzie – 51 pts

With a Total of 62 Runs (not out in 2nd innings), 6 wickets and a catch, Will has managed to top McDuff’s first week point total. A strong performer in week 1 as well, he has clearly placed himself at the top of the players you must have in your team. The rest of the top 5 had solid performances, but watch out for early season batting woes creeping in.


  1. FOX Steve Twaddell – 83 pts
  2. NWWC Libby Stead – 65 pts
  3. CHAMP Josh Peake – 58 pts
  4. LIONS Gurdit Singh – 54 pts
  5. DDT Luke Moore – 48 pts

With the Foxes finally in action, it was Steve Twaddell coming out on top for this week. 4 Wickets & 3 maidens provided a decent amount of points, while a 4 not out was just icing on the cake. Strong bowling performances across the rest of the grades fill out the rest of the top 5. 

All Rounders

  1. LION Jaco Huyser – 63 pts
  2. DDT Jason Morgan – 63 pts
  3. NWWC Abigail Hotton – 58 pts
  4. FOX Adrian McFedries – 52 pts
  5. LION Jason McKenzie – 48 pts

Only two LIONs graced the top 5 All Rounders for this week, with LION Jaco’s batting, bowling & fielding all contributing to a solid 63 pts, tied with DDTs Jason Morgan for this week. NWWC’s Abigail Hotton had an excellent performance to follow up a good week 1. All Rounders, expectedly, are the most consistent points earners of all 3 positions, so grabbing the right one can be a tough call. 


  1. PREM Joel Williams – 53 pts
  2. PREM Mitchell Hay – 45 pts
  3. LION Cambell Eathorne – 37 pts
  4. BRONX Thomas Sturman – 35 pts
  5. NWWC Isobel sharp – 30 pts

With all teams playing, the keeping ranks are filling out. Catches were few and far between for the keepers this week, with most points coming in the form of runs, so picking a strong batter could be the difference maker between choosing a keeper. 

The Weeks Top Performers – Managers

  1. Gareth Gibson, 737 pts
    • Captained by Will Kennedy, Gareth gallops to the front of the pack this week, not content just to be a dark horse. Strong performances from most of his picks has him clearly in first place, but a few dud picks meant he was unable to stretch his lead too far ahead.
  1. Flint Rogers, 575 pts
    • He didn’t have great luck starting the season with a broken thumb, but Flint’s sideline presence has given him all the information he needs to be a force in the Fantasy leagues. He has a very strong all-round team, only behind Gareth this week due to having Different Captains.
  1. Dave Robertson, 554 pts
    • The new dark horse after Gareth’s rise, Dave possesses all the knowledge needed to build the ultimate fantasy team. Hampered by some low scores, will we see the continued rise of Dave?
  1. Nicola Clayton, 524 pts
    • With the inside goss on the NWWC team, Nicola marks herself as a strong manager early on. Another all-round good team with a few lower point scorers, can she continue to use the inside knowledge she posses to further climb the rankings?
  1. Simon Cutler, 552 pts
    • Just behind Nicola this week is Simon, one of our Sponsors & Physio. At first glance, he has fielded a very strong fantasy team, but a few low scores stopped him from jumping up a few ranks this week. Will his strong looking team start to find their feet soon, or will he have to make some hard calls and search for some high scorers?

The Leaderboard – Managers

Week 2 of the Fantasy has the scoreboard as follows:

  1. Gareth Gibson, 1269 pts
  1. Tim Scott, 1024 pts
  1. Luke Moore, 1014 pts
  1. Will Kennedy 860 pts
  1. Alex Tait, 835 pts
  1. Tim Bridgeman, 811 pts
  1. James Guild-Inder, 796 pts
  1. Carl Huyser, 772 pts
  1. Flint Rogers, 759 pts
  1. Matt Hay, 736 pts

Players to Watch:

Let’s have a look at some of the players who might not yet be on your radar after week 2:

  • PREM Camden Hawkins
    • A quiet week 1 and a solid week 2, Camden has put up tidy scores on both weeks, showing he can get starts at the crease. Bowling in week 2 to some success, all it would take is Camden to go on to a big score for his stocks to jump up, so get in while he is cheap(ish)!
  • NWWC Maggie Martin
    • Maggie has had good scores in week one and two, with a run out to boot! With a preference for aggressive shot selection, once she gets going, you can expect runs to flow from her bat. However, those who live by the sword, also die by it, so her aggressive style could backfire for her manager, but its certainly a gamble that could pay off.

For those with mates wanting to join the league, it’s not too late! Sign up is still open & no one has run away with the lead (yet).

For some clarification around Two Day Matches: we have discussed & decided that it should be the scores on the day that count. This means people who bat or bowl twice on one day can earn more points for that week, but this will be offset during the next week. If you wish for further explanation of this, please contact any of the Fantasy Admins. 

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