Burnside Fantasy Week 4

Week 4 of Fantasy has concluded and WOW, were there some big points earned this week. 

Here’s the breakdown, let’s see how things have been shaken up.

Just for clarity’s sake – teams that played two days of cricket over the weekend, the “best” innings was taken when calculating points for each player, so no-one missed out from a good Sunday performance. 

The Top Performers – Players


  1. PREM Carl Huyser – 84 pts
  2. PREM Camden Hawkins – 82 pts
  3. DDT Simon Calder – 77 pts
  4. FOX Steve McKean – 70 pts
  5. PREM Harsh Visavadiya – 58 pts

A strong week from the batters, with the PREMS showing the rest of us how to earn fantasy points. Carl & Camden lead the way, both notching up 50’s, followed by 47 n.o from Simon Calder (not out in T20, who would have thought). Despite being 5th overall for batters, no-one has picked up DDT’s Simon Calder, and for only $4.2m, some people might be missing a trick on this. 


  1. CHAMP Alex McDuff – 217 pts
  2. PREM William O’Rourke – 135 pts
  3. CHAMP Josh Peake – 87 pts
  4. CHAMP Curtis Millard – 73 pts
  5. = LIONS Jono Moss – 64 pts
    = CHAMP Scott Kitto – 64 pts

Well doesn’t this look familiar, CHAMPS McDuff back at the top of the points for another week of fantasy. Moving ever closer to all-rounder status, Alex scored his 2nd century of the season for CHAMPs, while 3 other CHAMPS players fill out the bowling ranks this week – to be expected when you win by more than an innings. 

All Rounders

  1. PREM Matthew Hay – 131 pts
  2. BRONX Jay Sran – 91 pts
  3. LION Jason McKenzie – 77 pts
  4. LION Tim Scott – 64 pts
  5. LION Jared Weston – 60 pts

A Fantastic week for PREMS Matt Hay, with a 50 & 3 wickets, easily topping the all-round ranking for the week. BRONX Jay Sran continues his fine form with 31 & 4 wickets (if you haven’t picked Jay then you’re seriously missing out), followed by the usual LIONs suspects.


  1. LION Cambell Eathorne – 138 pts
  2. PREM Joel Williams – 82 pts
  3. PREM Mitchell Hay – 57 pts
  4. NWWC Isobel Sharp – 47 pts
  5. DDT Nick Tinning – 35 pts

Another not out for LIONS Cambell Eathorne with 88* to go with 2 catches, he is followed by PREMS Joel Williams with his first 50 of the season. PREM Mitchell Hay snags some good points with 2 stumpings, while NWWC Isobel Sharp gets our most consistent performer award as in ¾ of her games she has scored at least 40 pts (the other week was a 30).   

The Weeks Top Performers – Managers

  1. Luke Moore (Mud Dogs), 900 pts
    • Deja vu! McDuff hitting a century and Luke Moore at the top of the leaderboard for the week. Luke earned half his points from McDuff & having Matt Hay as captain, doubling his points for the week. A strong supporting cast gives Luke his second first place finish of the fantasy league. 
  1. Gareth Gibson (Cordyline Australis), 852 pts
    • While not topping the weekly leaderboard, another strong showing from Gareth has him extend his overall lead in the competition. McDuff scored most of his points for the week, but 5 other picks over the 70 point mark shows his selection skills are no fluke. 
  1. Cambell Eathorne (Back Problems), 845 pts
    • Off the back of his own strong performance as fantasy captain, Cam takes his first top 5 placing of the season. A decently strong team across the board, he follows closely behind Gareth this week. Some smart transfers could propell him higher as he looks to chase the top of the overall leaderboards. 
  1. Carl Huyser (Dominance), 823 pts
    • Yet to fully live up to his team name, Carl takes 4th place in the weekly rankings. A bold pick of Harsh as his captain paid off slightly, but he still trails behind in the overall rankings. A strong team, some hard decisions might have to be made to take his team higher this season.
  1. Tim Bridgeman (Tim’s XI), 797 pts
    • A Bold week for Tim on the eve of his return to Burnside, playing triple points on Mitchell Hay for the week. Tim was hampered by some lower scores and selection issues, keeping him on the edge of the top 5 for the week, but some small tweaks could see him leap back up the rankings. 

The Leaderboard – Managers

Week 4 of the Fantasy has the overall scoreboard as follows:

  1. Gareth Gibson (Cordyline Australis), 2710 pts (-)
  1. Will Kennedy (Boots), 2,546 pts (-)
  1. Luke Moore (Mud Dogs), 2,438 pts (+1)
  1. Tim Scott (Rountree Rumblers), 2,240 pts (-1)
  1. Tim Bridgeman (tim’s XI), 2,143 pts (+4)
  1. Flint Rogers (Flintstones), 2,124 pts (-1)
  1. Cambell Eathorne (Back Problems), 2,073 pts (+5)
  1. Carl Huyser (Dominance), 2,044 pts (+5)
  1. Alex Tait (Bussy’s Little Thai Girl), 2,029 pts (-2)
  1. James Guild-Inder (G-I Joes), 1,983 pts (-4)

Players to Watch:

Let’s have a look at some of the players who might not yet be on your radar:

  • PREM William O’Rourke
    • While his first couple of weeks were quiet, Will has put together some strong performances in the last couple of weeks, including 5 wickets in the last round. Only picked by 3% of players but costing $9.1m, this player is certainly one to watch as if he can keep putting up these massive numbers, it would certainly be worth the investment to grab him. 
  • DDT Sam Ermerins
    • While he did not play in Week 3, Sam has managed to put up fantastic performances with both bat and ball across the season so far. Classed as a bowler, picking this player could be a sneaky way of grabbing an extra all rounder for your squad and boosting your point total. Just watch out to make sure he’s selected first. 

That’s everything for week 4 of fantasy. The leaderboard is shaping up now, with Gareth ahead but certainly not clear of the rest of the pack. Will anyone catch him? Only time will tell. 

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