Welcome Harsh Visavadiya!

BWCUCC would like to extend a warm welcome to Harsh Visavadiya, who has recently joined the club from Nelson.

Harsh made his debut from the Premier side on the weekend in the double header against Old Boys Collegians. He brings a wealth of playing experience with stints in Invercargill, Dunedin and Nelson where he has represented both Otago & Central Districts ‘A’ sides.

Alongside his playing Harsh is a passionate coach and that is where he will be looking to make the greatest impact. Harsh will be involved in our junior cricket programs, Friday umpiring at schools, as well as youth through North West Youth Cricket.

If you see Harsh around the club in the coming weeks, say g’day and make him feel at home!

Harsh relaxing out the wind overlooking the Premier men’s match

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