Club Bar Renovations

The club is now going to new refrigeration in the at the bar – more detail to come on this announcement, suffice to say the new fridges (that’s right 2 x ) are about 2m high from the floor to the ceiling this will provide a lot more capacity for drinks as well a wider range which what our members and function hire guests are requesting

In order to fit these fridges into the bar some existing units had to be removed, which would leave a hole in the flooring – so that commercial vinyl had to be replaced, as well as painting.

The other issue the committee has to consider is that the external walls will need to be addressed at some point as part of the larger building strengthening, and if possible we only want to be spending money doing something once and not having it affected in the future works. Fortunately for the club we have the services of a structural engineer Brett Gilmore who lives close to the park and his son McKenzie Gilmore plays for the North West Youth Cricket 2nd XI. This came in very handy on Sunday evening had some demolition following the match on Sunday and needed some direction on what was needed with that wall.

Brett is a director at Quoin Structural Consultants which was established in 2006 with the vision of providing excellence in structural and civil engineering design and construction. Over the past 15 years, we have successfully grown to provide specialist structural and civil engineering design services. Quoin currently employs 14 staff including professionally qualified engineers, draughtsmen, administrators and technicians, all of whom are technically adept, energetic and enthusiastic in the successful delivery of our clients’ projects.

The range of work carried out by Quoin includes commercial, retail, hotels, multi storey, health care work, residential and apartments, industrial, and base isolated buildings. 

Understanding our clients’ needs to meet the special requirements that each project uniquely demands is of utmost importance to us.  Quoin has an excellent track record.  Please refer to our website for more information.

We are delighted to be able to assist the Burnside West Christchurch University Cricket Club with the refurbishments and earthquake strengthening of the Clubrooms.

Another club member and player Josh Peake who is a carpenter and builder offered to work on this project for the club when we talked to him on Saturday evening with some helpers the following evening the bar area was cleared and work started.

The wall lining needed to be replaced as well as half the ceiling to give access to the roof and wall framing connections which all needed to have straps and fixings applied to tie it together, handi-brackets were used to connect the bottom wall plates and then the wall was lined with GIB Braceline which significantly improve the performance of this wall – and we don’t need to touch this section again.

Alex Tait and Ben Laughton were able to do the new wiring runs in time for the linings to go, and Mark Pringle who coaches a North West Women’s Cricket side also has business Smartsparks who were able to fit off the new electrical outlets, while Alex and Ben fitted the new light fittings.

Shane Young did all the running around and finding a commercial vinyl layer and had a plasterer / painter who was able to work nights to complete the decorating as well as trying doing the odd run to Bunnings and Maccas

Just need a clean and ready for handover, we will be doing something with the bar counter top shortly

The bar area is expected to all completed on Monday the 15th of November – the people involved in the project.

  • Premier and Championship players on Sunday who cleared the bar
  • Josh Peake, Will O’Brien, Alex Tait and Ben Laughton did the building and electrical, Shane Young the running around
  • Brett Gilmore – Structural Engineering, 2 site visits and some communications
  • Matt Harrison Construction – thanks for releasing Eric for the plastering and painting
  • Peter at the Flooring Centre – discount showroom for the commercial vinyl
  • Kieran Graham – Vinyl Installer
  • Mark Pringle Smartsparks
  • Mark Cini – planning the Fridges, confirming the layouts and getting it underway
  • Regan Cantwell – The Grass Barber for taking away our rubbish
  • Apologies if anyone was missed

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