BWCUCC Fantasy Week 8 – 08/01/2022

New year, same old fantasy write up, now with beers to be won! Lets see what the new year has in store for the fantasy rankings. 

The Top Performers – Players


  1. LION Gabe Stockwin – 74 pts
  2. FOX Grant Dickson – 56 pts
  3. CHAMP Will Kennedy – 50 pts
  4. FOX Martin Conway – 46 pts
  5. FOX Graeme TUrner – 45 pts

A virtually new top 5 batters for the week (just ignore Will, he’s always there) see Gabe Stockwin mark his first 50 of the season, with an excellent performance from the FOX’s rounding out the rest of the top batsmen. 


  1. CHAMP Josh Peake – 40 pts
  2. CHAMP Curtis Millard – 33 pts
  3. CHAMP Alex McDuff – 26 pts
  4. FOX Neil Osbourn – 22 pts
  5. FOX Gareth Gibson – 15 pts

A really lean week for the bowling ranks (largely due to injury and other absences), not much is to be gleaned here as only 7 “bowlers” even earnt points this week. Lots of injuries and unavailabilities contributed to this, with lots of North-West players stepping up at the bowling crease. 

All Rounders:

  1. FOX Adrian McFedries – 104 pts
  2. CHAMP Will O’Brien – 68 pts
  3. LION Tim Scott – 66 pts
  4. PREM Matthew Hay – 59 pts
  5. LION James Guild-Inder – 59 pts

A day of top performances from the captains of the top 3 teams in the club, but it’s the FOX Adiran who has his second week at the top of the All Rounders. 


  1. PREM Mitchell Hay – 119 pts
  2. LION Cambell Eathorne – 56 pts
  3. PREM Joel Williams – 50 pts
  4. CHAMP Ben Laughton – 26 pts
  5. BRONX Thomas Sturman – 26 pts

An Excellent 79 + 2 catches puts PREM Mitchell Hay clear at the top of the Keeping rankings, with some solid batting performances coming from the rest of the keeping unit to round out the week. 

The Weeks Top Performers – Managers

  1. Gareth Gibson (Cordyline Australis), 466 pts
    • Some things have stayed the same in the news years, one of those being Gareth staying at the top of the fantasy rankings. A strong team for the week, even with so many players away or not playing, he managed to put together a squad with no 0 point players, a big win. 
  1. Luke Moore (Mud Dogs), 441 pts
    • Nipping at Gareth’s heels this week is Luke Moore. Arguably with some better picks than Gareth, he is hampered by a 0 point player & a -20 point player, as the rest of his squad actually outperformed Gareth’s squad.  
  1. Carl Huyser (Dominance), 416 pts
    • Falling just behind the leaders into 3rd place for the week is Carl. Hampered by selection issues as well, three 0 point players really cost him the week, but with a strong squad, one would expect next week for him to make a run for the top. 
  1. Alex Tait (Bussy’s Little Thai Girl), 414 pts
    • Certainly carried hy having Mitchell Hay as his captain this week, Alex slides just under Carl into 4th for this week. Again hurt by selection issues, one would expect Alex to have a strong squad once everyone is back from their holidays.  
  1. Flint Rogers (Flintstones),391 pts
    • Same as Alex above, Flint was carried by his selection of MItchell Hay as Captain, with the rest of his squad filled with a lot of non-players. One would expect some improved selection decisions from Flint next week to improve on his performances. 

The Leaderboard – Managers

Week 6 of the Fantasy has the overall scoreboard as follows:

  1. Gareth Gibson (Cordyline Australis), 4,745 pts
  1. Will Kennedy (Boots), 4,512 pts
  1. Luke Moore (Mud Dogs), 4,466 pts
  1. Carl Huyser (Dominance), 4,465 pts
  1. Flint Rogers (Flintstones), 4,348 pts
  1. Tim Scott (Rountree Rumblers), 4,197 pts
  1. Matt Hay (Haybails Hustlers), 4,101 pts
  1. Tim Bridgeman (Tim’s XI), 4,080 pts
  1. James Guild-Inder (G-I Joes), 4,028 pts
  1. Alex Tait (Bussy’s Little Thai Girl), 3,952 pts

Players to Watch:

Let’s have a look at some of the players who might not yet be on your radar:

  • LION James Guild-Inder
    • Though he was outperformed by his little brother this week, James continues to put up solid performances in the LIONS top/middle order. Yet to cross 50, it’s only a matter of time before James comes off with his aggressive batting style. 
  • BRONX Thomas Sturman
    • After a rough start to the season with the bat, Thomas has started to put things together with 55 & 26 in two of his last 3 innings. Could this be an indication of a man about to hit form? Who knows, but he could be worth a shout at only $3.1m.

That’s it for week 8 of fantasy. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the admin team.

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