Disclaimer: The Dubai Diamond Traders scorecard from 22 January is currently M.I.A. so some results are subject to change. However, based on current scores and team selections this will not have any significant effect on the leader board.


No write up last week, but let’s look at the top 3 managers for the games on 15 January

  1.  Dominance (Carl Huyser) – 900 points
  2.  Haybails Hustlers (Matt Hay) – 874 points
  3.  Cordyline Australis (Gareth Gibson) – 734 points

A huge week for Carl, with almost half his points courtesy of playing his triple captain boost on Premier Captain Matt Hay (438 points!). He also benefited from a century from Harsh Visavadiya (203 points). Similar story for Matt (collusion?) who played Triple Captain on himself and also had Harsh in his side. Another strong week for clubhouse leader Gareth. Also captained Matt and had Harsh in his side which was clearly the winning formula last week!


Another week in the books and what a week it was for BWC! Some strong performances from across the grades and use of the triple captain chip meant this week’s team scores were far above average.

Top Performers – Players


  1. Steve McKean (Foxes) – 95 points
  2.  Ankit Dhokwal (Broncos) – 87 points
  3.  Gabe Stockwin (Lions) – 85 points

The War Machine (most selected player in the club @ 76%) was rolling this week with a strong 75 runs to lead the Foxes to a comfortable win. Moss who was the only manager who selected him. Gabe continued his recent strong form with a quickfire 65 off 50 balls.


  1.  Alex McDuff (Champ/Prem) – 159 points
  2.  Burny Martin (Foxes) – 74 points
  3.  Jono Moss (Lions) – 54 points

Ol’ Suds was back at it again this week, racking up his third century for the season this time for the Premier side. Batting at 8, Alex walloped 109 not out off 64 balls with 5 sixes!! Burny played his first game for the season so unsurprisingly was not selected by any managers, however this may quickly change if he continues to take 3 wickets and 2 catches a game. Jono rounds out the top 3 bowlers this week with an economical 2-wicket spell.


  1.  Matt Hay (Prem) – 210 points
  2.  Scott Janett (Prem) – 156 points
  3.  Adrian McFedries (Foxes) – 115 points

Huuuge week for the all-rounders. Our Premier Captain had a game to remember with 67 runs and bowled like Scotty Boland at the MCG, picking up a 6-for. Scott Janett was another player making his season debut so was not selected by anyone. Scott will surely be a target for managers in the coming weeks though, scoring 96 runs in the middle order and picking up 2 scalps with the ball. Ranked 7th overall, Adrian unbelievably is only selected by one manager, and believably this manager is the clubhouse leader Gareth Gibson.


  1.  Cambell Eathorne (Lions/Champ) – 44 points
  2.  Matt Everest (Foxes) – 24 points
  3.  Ben Laughton (Champ/Prem) – 22 points

A lean week for the keepers; Cam took 2 catches with a run out, Matt and Ben both took one. 


  1.  Mud Dogs (Luke Moore) – 880 points
  2.  Duff (Alex Mcduff) – 788 points
  3.  Cordyline Australis (Gareth Gibson) – 726 points

Luke captained Matt Hay which netter him a cool 420 points and continued to benefit from having Alex Mcduff as a stalwart in his side. Would have cracked 900 points if it weren’t for a clerical error adding Izzy Sharp who was a late scratching for the NWWC side. Alex had a similar looking side which includes himself and also Matt as captain, however 5 non scorers cost him the win. Gareth also captained Matt (seems to be working for a lot of the top managers) however did not have Alex McDuff and was hampered by a few low scores from usually reliable players.


  1. Matt Hay – 892 points ($9.6mil, 44% selected)
  2. Will Kennedy – 851 points ($6.7mil, 68% selected)
  3. Alex McDuff – 827 points ($8.4mil, 17% selected)
  4. Mitch Hay – 643 points ($7.4mil, 37% selected)
  5. Cambell Eathorne – 547 points ($5.9mil, 24% selected)


  1.  Cordyline Australis (Gareth Gibson) – 6125 points
  2.  Dominance (Carl Huyser) – 5960 points
  3.  Mud Dogs (Luke Moore) – 5921 points
  4.  Haybails Hustlers (Matt Hay) – 5453 points
  5.  Boooots (Will Kennedy) – 5391 points


Ankit Dhokwal (batter, Broncos) – $3.2mil

As mentioned earlier Ankit is only selected by one manager. At $3.2mil and with scores of 69 (nice) and 87 over the past 2 weeks, Ankit is a solid option for managers on a budget.

Scott Jannett (batter, Prems) – $5.2mil

New recruit Scott shone bright on debut this week and is worth a punt if you are looking for a point of difference in your side to catch (or pull away from) the leading pack. That’s it for this week; good luck to all managers and players for Saturday!

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