Honours Board updated – including Twenty20 achievements

The club has just has it’s Honours Board updated which will be special for players Matt Hay, Mitch Hay and Will O’Rourke who will see there names up under the “Canterbury” section for their representative honours.

Our Honour’s Board has long legacy dating back to 1905 and is actually hand painted onto the board, which is old fashioned by the standards of today, and there are few people who have the skill to do this. In recent times there has been some discussion on the requirements for a section for T20 runs and wickets. This been debated around for several years however in the off season we really did some work on this asking our scorer Arun to do some research and along with Matt Hay they were able to come up with a proposal the right criteria and if that if criteria was the same as One Day cricket it should be be recognised.

At the time of the first T20 International between Australia and NZ in 2005 many people were not really sure that T20 was going to become the powerhouse in cricket in terms of popularity and the now sustained longevity of over 20 years, throughout all levels of cricket including ICC World Cups.

In December 2021 the committee resolved that the new category of T20 cricket would be added to the board and that the criteria is to be 250 runs or 15 wickets as recommend by Matt and Arun. (The criteria for 50 over cricket is 250 runs or 20 wickets), we then searched back over the records and have added the following players to the board for their Premier Cricket T20 performances.

  • T20 Runs
    • 19-20 A.R. Heenan 251
    • 20-21 C.W. Huyser 256
  • T20 Wickets
    • 19-20 J.E. Poysden 16
    • 20-21 A.H. Tait 15

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