Burnside Fantasy Breakdown 26 February 2022

With the Penultimate round of games starting next week, the season leader Gareth Gibson has managed to hold onto his lead but with Luke Moore & Carl Huyser close behind its still anyone’s game. Who will be the decisive pick in fantasy to take Gareth to gold or who will sabotage his chances and let another contender take it!

The Top Performers – Players


  1. CHAMP Will Kennedy – 61 Pts
  2. CHAMP Arden Ongley – 42 Pts
  3. FOX Martin Conway – 38 pts

A light week for batting with Will Kennedy’s all round performance landing him at the top for the week. Some runs for Arden & a god all round week for Martin round out the top 3. 


  1. CHAMP Curtis Millard – 114 pts
  2. LION Lachlan Bartlett – 86 pts
  3. CHAMP Raash Mukherjee – 78 pts

Curtis leads the way with 5 wickets putting himself clearly at the top of the Bowling ranks this week. A match winning debut from Lachlan puts himself in 2nd place with Raash following close behind.

All Rounders

  1. BRONX Michael Chun – 97 pts
  2. CHAMP David Zohrab – 67 pts
  3. LION Luke Pynenburg – 66 pts

57 & a run out was not quite enough to win the day for Michael Chun, with David Zohrabs debut for the club starting argon with 39 runs & a wicket in his innings. 3 Wickets & a sharp slips catch from Luke round out the top 3 all rounders. 


  1. PREM Mitchell Hay – 112 pts
  2. PREM Callum Hill – 84 pts
  3. CHAMP Ben Laughton – 69 pts

Mitchell Hay rejoins the PREMS to a strong batting performance in their win, with another strong outing from Callum Hill at the crease also. Some decent runs from Ben show being able to pick the top keeper at the end of the season is tough work (unless you pick Mitch). 

The Weeks Top Performers – Managers

  1. Curtis Millard (Phillips phirros) – 526 pts
    • Off the back of his 5 wicket haul, Curtis sits clear at the top of the ranks for this week. A strong team when most of the usual suspects scored low, hes not far behind in the overall picture either. 
  1. Will Kennedy (Boooots) – 390 pts
    • Will sits clearly back in 2nd place this week, with some solid picks. A lower scoring week, will manages to keep himself in with a sniff overall. 
  1. Alex Tait (Bussy’s Little Thai Girl) – 364 pts
    • Carried by MItchell Hay this week, Alex is held back by four 0 scores, but a strong team 0 certialy in with a chance to win some drinks before the season is done. 
  1. Tim Bridgman Tim’s XI) – 350 pts
    • Though gone to Wellington, Tim keeps his strong fantasy season going with another team carried by Mitchell Hay. Boasting four 0 scores also, some selection issues have held Tim back this week. 
  1. Gareth Gibson (Cordyline Australis) – 328 pts
    • One of Gareth’s lowest scores of the season, he manages to stay at the top of the overall rankings with only 4 weeks left to play. Can he keep the lead with Carl’s constant nipping at his heels causing him to falter? 

The Leaderboard – Managers

Week 6 of the Fantasy has the overall scoreboard as follows:

  1. Gareth Gibson (Cordyline Australis), 7,763 pts
  1. Luke Moore (Mud Dogs) – 7,535 pts
  1. Carl Huyser (Dominance) – 7,481 pts
  1. Will Kennedy (Boooots) – 6,643 pts
  1. Matt Hay (Haybails Hustlers) – 6,531 pts
  1. Tim Scott (Rountree Rumblers) – 6,523 pts
  1. James Guild-Inder (G.I Joes) – 6,186 pts
  1. Curtis Millard (Phillips phirros) – 6,168 pts
  1. Tim Bridgman (tims XI) – 6,079 pts
  1. Flint Rogers (Flintstones) – 6,059 pts

Players to Watch:

Let’s have a look at some of the players who might not yet be on your radar:

  • LION Lachlan Bartlett
    • Being the LIONS frontline spinner has its benefits, and Lachlan has made a splash in his first game for the club. Is this a sign of things to come in the season for Lachlan? Well you’d better get him while he’s cheap if you’re looking for a point of difference to overtake your peers.
  • BRONX Michael Chun
    • Always a consistent performance with both bat & ball, Michael seems to be hitting some form as the end of the season approaches. A left arm seamer who opens the bat, Michael is always in the action to earn some fantasy points for your team.

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