Burnside Fantasy 5th March 2022

A low scoring week as we come down the final stretch, some unusual performers make their way into the top performances of the week.

The Top Performers – Players


  1. CHAMP Will Kennedy – 123 pts
  2. PREM Thomas Zohrab – 71 pts
  3. FOX Steve McKean – 62 pts

War machine strolls his way into the top 3 with a dominant 42 not out to get his fantasy points back on track. Ahead of him are the usual performers of Thomas & Will, the latter of which was back to his best. 


  1. CHAMP Hugo Howard – 93 pts
  2. CHAMP Curtis MIllard – 73 pts
  3. LION Lachlan Bartlett – 72 pts

Curtis keeps his strong fantasy performances going with 3 wickets & a not out. Hugo is back to his rearguard best with his 8th n.o of the season to go with his 4 wickets. New LIONS spinner Lachie comes into the top 3 with a n.o & some handy performances in the field and with the ball. 

All Rounders

  1. BRONX Campbell Rose – 85 pts
  2. LION Jaco Huyser – 72 pts
  3. LION Jared Weston 65 pts

Campbell scored his first top 3 of the season with 27 n.o to go with 3 wickets. Jaco keeps his strong season going with 4 wickets & 20 with the bat on a tough track. Jared rounds out the top 3 with his 3 wickets & fielding efforts.


  1. LION Cambell Eathorne – 69 pts
  2. PREM Callum Hill – 30 pts
  3. LION FLint Rogers – 21 pts

Cambell is back to the top of the leaderboards with an unlucky 49 & out. A run out & 1 over of bowling give him top spot this week. A light day for the rest of the keepers with Callum & Flint registering regular performances to round out the keeping stocks. 

The Weeks Top Performers – Managers

  1. Cambell Eathorne (Back Problems) – 619 pts
    • After weeks outside the top spot, Cam managed to register his first win for the season. No match fixing took place in this week’s results.
  1. Gareth Gibson – 542 pts
    • Extending his lead over the competition, Gareth registers a strong team in a week impacted by COVID, his triple Captain proved clutch in staying ahead of the rest. 
  1. Crashman8 (Crashman XI) – 491 pts
    • A team carried by Will Kennedy & Steve McKean, 3 0’s & a negative 20 hold this team back from dominating the league this week. 
  1. Carl Huyser (Dominance) – 491 pts
    • Again carried by Will & Steve, but hurt by -40 due to COVID changes, Carl jumps into 2nd place but still just behind Gareth. How close will it be at the end of the season?
  1. Tim Scott (Rountree Rumblers)
    • Another strong team hurt by selection issues (including  getting COVID himself), Tim earns our “Bottom of the Top” award for being the most consistent top 5 performer without ever having won a week. 

The Leaderboard – Managers

Week 6 of the Fantasy has the overall scoreboard as follows:

  1. Gareth Gibson (Cordyline Australis), 8,285 pts
  1. Carl Huyser (Dominance) – 7,912 pts
  1. Luke Moore (Mud Dogs) – 7,873 pts
  1. Will Kennedy (Boooots) – 7,014 pts
  1. Tim Scott (Rountree Rumblers) – 7,011 pts
  1. Matt Hay (Haybails Hustlers) – 6,734 pts
  1. James Guild-Inder (G.I Joes) – 6,629 pts
  1. Curtis Millard (Phillips phirros) – 6,505 pts
  1. Flint Rogers (Flintstones) – 6,484 pts
  1. Cambell Eathorne (Back Problems) – 6,440 pts

Players to Watch:

Let’s have a look at some of the players who might not yet be on your radar:

  • CHAMP David Zohrab
    • Having just moved from Wellington, David is yet to fully make his mark on the Fantasy scene, but a strong pedigree means it’s only a matter of time – but will it be in time for the end of fantasy? Only time will tell. 

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