2022 Junior Cricket update

Junior Cricket registrations are mostly all in and we are working through organising our Saturday morning grades, the first match gets underway on the Saturday the 22nd of October. We will be accepting registrations throughout the year for our Friday Night Kiwi and Smash Play programs – the first Friday 21st of October

Year 8 Junior Cricket

There are enough players for 2 sides will be playing in the morning sections of Year 8, we will be having some trainings and then finalise the naming of the actual sides in the week prior to starting.

We will be training all the boys together and training will start on Monday 3rd of October at 4pm – 5pm and this will the timeslot for the term time. Senior Player Joel Williams will be coaching.

Year 7 Junior Cricket

We are now in a position to name our Premier Grade side and the rest of the teams to be named prior to cricket getting under way.

Year 7 Premier Training will be on Thursdays – Net time is confirmed from 5pm to 6pm starting on the Thursday the 6th October however the coaches may wish to start with fielding earlier.

After some great sessions and follow up chats to decide who we think would be best to step up to Year 7 Premier grade.  Joel, Phil and I came up with the following 9 players 

2022/23 Year 7 Premier team BWCUCC 03 Hastings

  • Jacob Robertson
  • Rishab Naik 
  • Ronan McCormick
  • Shan Desai
  • Erith Christian
  • Isaac Riley
  • Thomas Guillemot
  • Oscar Colhoun
  • Omar Shaikh

With Aston Rosengrave being our 1st choice reserve player if any player wishes to not be part of the team.

We have chosen 9 players as this gives players more opportunity to play cricket and when opportunities are available they will be asked to join the team for games in the afternoon. 

Having a team of 9 allows the opportunity for players to be called up to play vs being part of a team and the chance of not playing as only 9 can bat in this grade. 

It also supports the development of resilience/confidence technical skills and accuracy which we all agreed those not selected need to work on to be competitive in this grade. 

Year 6 Cricket

This season we will be having 3 Year 6 teams, and one of those teams will be playing in an afternoon grade section, this team is BWCUCC 06 Kerr and includes the following players:

Training for ‘BWU 06 Kerr’ will be training on Thursday at 5pm and will commence on the 6th of October

  • Dom Paris
  • Caleb Hansen
  • Frank McKee
  • Ben Smith
  • Isaac McKendry
  • Zayden Cassidy
  • Jake Williams
  • John Abbas
  • Josh Whittaker 

Year 4 and Year 5 teams will be announced shortly

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