BWCUCC & NWWC Fantasy Write Up for 04 December 2021

This week on a balmy Saturday we saw all teams back in action excluding the Diamond Traders who won by default. Adam Flynn (Broncos) lead the way this week taking a 5-wicket bag which was enough for 130 points. Flanking him on either side of the podium are the Hay brothers Mitch (129 points) and Matt (106 points).

BWCUCC Fantasy Breakdown – Week 6

Week 6 of fantasy has concluded, and with that, the last two day match we will see for a while. With a tough day at the office for a lot of managers, let’s see how things break down.

Just a reminder that you have one wildcard to use for the season. This will allow you to make unlimited transfers with no point penalty for one week, but be careful! As this will be your team going forward so don’t make your team too good one week, only for it to fall apart the next.