2017/18 Season Newsletter #4

It’s another big weekend at the club… The latest newsletter has all the details. For junior club members, its Club Day this Saturday, so make sure you come down to the Pavilion for a barbeque and a can of fizz. For the senior club, as well as being a double-header weekend, Saturday is the inaugural Boock Sharp Trophy, a celebration of the rivalry between St. Albans cricket and Burnside West as well as a recognition of the contributions of a couple of local legends of the game.

2017/ 2018 Season Newsletter #3

It’s a big week at the club, with Friday cricket getting underway, all junior and senior teams playing, and the senior club’s annual social event held this weekend.  For junior club members, make sure you have next weekend’s BWC Club Day in your calendar. For all the details of junior and senior cricket on this weekend, check out your draw below.

2017/18 Season Newsletter #3

This is not the latest newsletter to be published before match day, but it’s close.

  • CJCA Saturday Morning Start
  • Draws
  • CricHQ
  • 28th Club Day
  • Heroes and villians night

Christchurch Metro Cricket have invested in a camera for My Action Replay and first cab off the rank was BWC. Well, no action in the first innings,  (due to the scorers), however in the second knock there was good video, sadly @crichq is in receivership, still working thought and NZ cricket seem keen to keep it going,.

Here is the latest draw for Saturday,


The first Friday Night cricket event is on the 27th November, next Friday so if you have not heard about cricket yet – its going to be next Friday.

Coaching / Managing / Scoring

Anyone can do these roles, and when I say that I mean it, plenty of parents on the sideline what to get involved in this kids game, but just hold back. Well this season, do we have message for you don’t. It starts with cones – the boundary markers – they just need some to walk around the pitch, if your not sure ask – but it will be the same for both sides, Next is scoring – a great chance to actually watch each ball, finally its supporting the coach / manager. We have been so privileged to have parents not only enroll their child in cricket, but to put their hand up to organise a team.


I cannot begin to tell you of the support I have had with parent’s helping, chatting, providing valuable inputs into BWCUCC cricket, all the while, knowing the time and effort needed. Too many people to thank here – but you know who you are, if you are a parent of our sides, just ask ‘how can I help’ and you will be rewarded.

Friday Night Cricket will start on 27/10/2017 so keep an eye out on the Facebook page for cancellations

Happy Birthday to David Sewell

DG sewell 40.jpg


2017/18 Season Newsletter #2

The first weeks cricket was cancelled and with the amount of rain we have had we are all relying on a dry day on Friday to help dry out the saturated grounds as well as a lot of work, planning and prayer from all of the ground staff across Christchurch to try make the grounds playable. Keep and eye out this week for last minute grounds changes and Facebook for cancellations.

2017/18 Season Newsletter #1

The first week of the season is upon us and it has been a busy week at Burnside Park with the grass practice nets open, AGM, and final preparations for the first day of the season.

This week news:

  • AGM – Election of Officers, Peter Burke Stepping down, Jerry Cross becomes a life member
  • Premier Men’s side captain names – Carl Huyser
  • The weeks draws

Junior Year 8 and Year 7 Teams announced for 2017 and 2018 Season

After the Trial that was held this week the following teams have been selected for our Junior Year 8 and Year 7 sides. To accommodate the number of year 8 players, and the wish to have some Year 7 have some experience of a better level of cricket, we have two year 8 teams. After Christmas we will look at combining these year 7s into a Year 7 Premier team and this could include some players from the BWU3 Year 7 Team.

Annual Report 2016/17 and AGM Reminder

Annual General Meeting – Reminder

Please remember the AGM is being held this coming Tuesday the 3rd of October, 7pm at Burnside Cricket Clubrooms. Please attend to support your club – apologies can be emailed into the club if you are not able to attend.

The Annual Report is available now on our website and hard copies will be available at the meeting. Here is the link for the BWCUCC Annual Report 2016_17