Junior Cricket

Burnside West Christchurch University Cricket provides opportunities for boys and girls of all ages. Whether they are picking up a bat for the first time or want to play in a representative competition we can cater for them.

Junior Registration >>> Follow this link for registration and registration days information!  click here for registration info

Age and Stage Cricket – Check out these changes to junior cricket which will affect our Year 4 – Year 8 Teams

Friday Night Junior Cricket

Friday night Junior Cricket is from 6pm on Burnside Oval each week, starting the first week of Term 4 in October. It finishes for the December/January school holidays in December, and then starts back on the first week of Term 1. This is proudly supported and sponsored by Carol and the team at Kendal Vehicle Services your local Auto Super Shoppe

What do you need? Dress in layers like you would if you for a sport activity, you don’t need any equipment it is all provided!

This is for 5 to 10 Years old and there two groups – school years 1&2 and school year 3&4 and are 1 hour skills based sessions:

Smash Play junior tamariki

For the youngest players an those new to cricket aged 5 years – 10 years (school Year 1 & 4), this a short game based cricket theme program introduced by NZ Cricket in August 2022 . Focus on engagement, skill development and confidence building. you can find out more here: https://burnsidecricket.org.nz/smash-play-junior-tamariki/

Kiwi Cricket

Advanced Year 2s, Year 3 & 4’s. This is still based and works up to short gameplay as the end of the sessions. Some of our advanced Year 4 will then play after the Christmas Holiday’s in CJCA T20 Year 4 north zone cricket on Saturday mornings.

As players head into Year 5, they move into more traditional cricket through junior 20/20 matches and play on Saturday Mornings.


If you need any more information on Junior Cricket please see the website of the Canterbury Junior Cricket Association

Saturday Morning Cricket

From Year 5 to Year 8, players are selected for Saturday morning teams and start playing matches against teams from other clubs. All junior players have access to qualified coaches during the week at practice, however Parents will be asked to help manage a team on Saturday’s.

Saturday morning Junior Cricket starts at 9am each week, beginning in October. It finishes for the December/January school holidays in December, recommencing in February. We lose our Year 8 players to secondary school in February so the teams have a bit of a reshuffle.

What you need:

Saturday Mornings will be provided a cap from the club, and you will need to purchase a club playing shirt from Cricket Express and some white cricket pants. Many players start to get their own gear – but the club does have some gear in a team back.

Link to purchase the Junior Playing Shirt: https://www.cricketexpress.co.nz/product/burnside-west-cc-(paladin)-junior-playing-shirt/crsiburpajnrshirt.aspx

If you want to play in girls only cricket then we support North-West Womens Cricket that provide girls only teams from School Year 5 upwards – all the information is here:  https://northwestwomenscricket.org.nz/

Action Sports & Leisure proud supporters of Junior Cricket https://actionindoorsports.com/hornby/

Youth (Year 9 to Year 13)

The Club’s Programme is run under the auspices of North-West Youth Cricket (NWYC)

NWYC is a collaboration between our Club, the Merivale-Papanui Cricket Club, Burnside High School and Papanui High School. NWYC has a range of teams from Under 14 (year 9) to a 1st XI that plays in the top school grade in Christchurch.

To find out more about Youth Cricket please click here

Players do not have to come only from the two schools and clubs. Everyone of high school age is very welcome to play for NWYC. After Year 13 finishes, players’ involvement with NWYC ends and they can move on to play Senior Cricket for either Burnside Cricket or the Merivale-Papanui Cricket Club.