Chairman’s Welcome 2019/20 Season

Chairman’s Message

Welcome to all players to the new season. It’s great to see player numbers tracking well and strong sides named for the opening round of competition this coming weekend (5 October). Hopefully the weather plays its part…

Just a reminder around player & spectator behaviour – and specifically the Metro Cricket Code of conduct. The code is published in the Metro Handbook for the new season and these have been provided to all team captains.

Along with that I’ve spoken to each individual captain to ensure they understand the required behavioural standards – both of Metro Cricket &, just as importantly, of our Club & Committee.

We are proud to have you and your teams representing us & want Burnside West to be the model club in terms of behaviour – both on & off the field. Last year we had a couple of minor hiccups – so players knowing the requirements and taking responsibility to behave appropriately is the key.

The contents of the code are not new – but some of the more regular issues that arise are:

  • Player interaction / abuse – including directed at Umpires
  • Alcohol consumption (excessive and / or on the field of play)
  • Leaving rubbish / alcohol containers on the grounds or piling them up beside CCC rubbish bins (please take it away with you instead)
  • Heated arguments or abuse over umpiring decisions or rules

I encourage the Captains of all teams without official umpires to consult with the opposition Captain prior to the toss, and discuss or clarify any potentially contentious areas to gain agreement on how the game will be played.

And don’t forget this season all teams are required to enter FULL scorecards in Cric HQ (other than Cavaliers) and these must be in by 12pm Monday. This also helps with our Club stats for the prize-giving later in the season!

Feel free to email me any notable performances, highlights or photos – and I’ll include them in the weekly round up on the Club Facebook page where possible…

See you on the park!


Dave Robertson

Club Chairman


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