BWCUCC / NWWC Fantasy Update 19 March

Some strong fantasy performances across the grades this week as we reach the pointy end of the season. Our Premiership and Championship sides both looked good against St Albans, while the Broncos and Foxes both had strong wins. OBC got the better of the Lions and Diamond Traders, the Traders knocked out in their Semi Final and the Lions with work to do going into day 2. The Northwest women sadly had to abandon their final game of the season. A mixture of familiar and unfamiliar names topped the player leaderboards this week, while it was the old guard who stood on the podium in the team standings.



  1. FOX Steve McKean – 106 pts
  2. FOX Martin Conway – 102 pts
  3. CHAMP Dan Coles – 96 pts

Ahh McKean, you’ve done it again… 76 not out see’s Steve lead the way in back-to-back weeks. His opening partner Martin comes in a close second, scoring 72 not out which could have been a lot more had he not been forced to retire hurt. Dan Coles rounds out the top 3 with a 66 not out. Prior to this Dan had only played in a couple of games for 15 points so was unsurprising not selected by any managers!

BWCUCC Fantasy 12 March 2022

It was an eventful week around the club – DDT played their 2nd game since Christmas, passing on their default curse the the Div 2 Lions. Will O’B came out firing looking to boost his stocks at the end of the season, with some of the women’s players also registering their best performances for the season – but how does this affect fantasy?

Burnside Fantasy 5th March 2022

A low scoring week as we come down the final stretch, some unusual performers make their way into the top performances of the week.

The Top Performers – Players


  1. CHAMP Will Kennedy – 123 pts
  2. PREM Thomas Zohrab – 71 pts
  3. FOX Steve McKean – 62 pts

War machine strolls his way into the top 3 with a dominant 42 not out to get his fantasy points back on track. Ahead of him are the usual performers of Thomas & Will, the latter of which was back to his best. 

Burnside Fantasy Breakdown 26 February 2022

With the Penultimate round of games starting next week, the season leader Gareth Gibson has managed to hold onto his lead but with Luke Moore & Carl Huyser close behind its still anyone’s game. Who will be the decisive pick in fantasy to take Gareth to gold or who will sabotage his chances and let another contender take it!

Burnside Fantasy 19 February 2022

After weeks of rain, cricket was finally able to resume, and with that, Fantasy is back in action! Lets see how things shake out with only 5 weeks left in the season.

The Top Performers – Players


  1. FOX Grant Dickson – 146 pts
  2. FOX Martin Conway – 74 pts
  3. NWWC Nicola Clayton – 65 pts

A strong…. Bowling?? Performance from Grant Dickson puts him at the top of the batsmen for the week with a 50 from Martin & 40 n.o from Nicola to round out the top 3. 

Fantasy for 30/01/2022

As January comes to an end, the fantasy race is still as tight as ever. Congratulations to Luke Moore for taking out his 2nds win in a row, are we seeing the rise of a new fantasy leader? Only the coming weeks can tell, but let have a look at the week just gone.

The Top Performers – Players


  1. PREM JJ Naude – 140 pts
  2. FOX Steve McKean – 101 pts
  3. PREM Harsh Visavadiya – 65 pts
  4. FOX Martin Conway – 56 pts
  5. DDT Jimi Hunt – 38 pts


Disclaimer: The Dubai Diamond Traders scorecard from 22 January is currently M.I.A. so some results are subject to change. However, based on current scores and team selections this will not have any significant effect on the leader board.


No write up last week, but let’s look at the top 3 managers for the games on 15 January

  1.  Dominance (Carl Huyser) – 900 points
  2.  Haybails Hustlers (Matt Hay) – 874 points
  3.  Cordyline Australis (Gareth Gibson) – 734 points

BWCUCC & NWWC Fantasy Write Up for 04 December 2021

This week on a balmy Saturday we saw all teams back in action excluding the Diamond Traders who won by default. Adam Flynn (Broncos) lead the way this week taking a 5-wicket bag which was enough for 130 points. Flanking him on either side of the podium are the Hay brothers Mitch (129 points) and Matt (106 points).

BWCUCC Fantasy Breakdown – Week 6

Week 6 of fantasy has concluded, and with that, the last two day match we will see for a while. With a tough day at the office for a lot of managers, let’s see how things break down.

Just a reminder that you have one wildcard to use for the season. This will allow you to make unlimited transfers with no point penalty for one week, but be careful! As this will be your team going forward so don’t make your team too good one week, only for it to fall apart the next.